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CHIMINEAS are a fantastic way to entertain your friends and family, and keep warm during long summer nights.

Tall, slender and packing some serious heat, they keep the evenings alive for longer, here are the best chimeneas to buy today.

Traditionally chimineas would have been made out of clay, but modern ones can be found in metal, most often in cast iron or steel.

Some even include grills for you to cook on, so you can turn it into a barbecue.

There are many varieties out there to choose from rustic to elegant, depending on your own taste.

Clay chimineas do need a bit of extra treatment, care and attention, so bear that in mind.

The choice of materials, size and look are up to you, but to help you we’ve accessed the best user reviews and expert opinions to help narrow your search.

Find a space for one in your garden and it will become the centrepiece to your parties all year round.

If you’re looking to get a bit of warmth in your life, then enjoy our pick of the best chimineas on the market today.

1. Black Steel Chiminea

  • Black Steel Chiminea, £99.99, from Not on the High Street – buy here

This and stylish and functional Lomas Chiminea oozes class

Featuring decorative legs and a subtle pattern on the flue, the Lomas models are available in medium and large and will make an attractive centrepiece for any outdoor space.

2. Venezuela Clay Chimenea

This affordable, contemporary clay chimenea is a stylish focal piece that's sure to be a hit this summer.

It's great for entertaining in the garden or keeping the chill off on a cool evening.

It features an eye-catching pattern and includes a solid sturdy steel stand and protective rain lid.

  • Venezuela Clay Chiminea, £60 from Homebase – buy here

3. Clay Wood Burning Chimenea

  • Gardeco Clay Wood Burning Chiminea, £112.99 from Wayfair – buy here

This unique Wayfair number is a great choice if you want a statement, yet functional chiminea.

This Eckman Clay Wood Burning Chimenea is from Wayfair's original art chimeneas range from Mexico.

It stands 82cm high, no stand, no lid. A unique piece that will stand out in any settings.

4. La Hacienda Wela Clay Chiminea

  • La Hacienda Wela Clay Chiminea, £45 from B&Q – buy here

Classic clay construction but a unique rustic finish make this a favourite among customers.

An entirely open firepit gives a great view of the red-hot embers.

The clay radiates heat for hours, making this the perfect patio centrepiece.

5. Heta Tipi 147 Outdoor Modern Chiminea

  • Heta Tipi 147 Outdoor Modern Chiminea, £375 from eBay – buy here

This Danish-designed chiminea pushes the look as far as possible looking more like a trendy sculpture than a working fireplace.

Easy to use, simple to clean and amazing to look at it’s a superb choice for modern and classic gardens.

6. Asteria Chimalin AFC Chiminea

  • Asteria Chimalin AFC Chiminea, £479.99 from Wayfair – buy here

Asteria Chimalin AFC may sound like a Mexican football team but it’s also the brand name of this super-sized clay chiminea.

A hot, clean flame is all you’ll see with the fumes expelled through the massive flume. It comes with a five-year guarantee.

7. Steel Chiminea With Wood Storage

  • Steel Chiminea With Wood Storage, £199.95 from Not On The High Street – buy here

This steel chiminea has both style and substance thanks to its minimalist design and stainless steel structure.

With a height of 136cm, a width of 38cm and a diameter of 38cm, it is suitable for pretty much any garden.

We also love its built-in log store that keeps your fuel tidy and readily available when needed.

8. Kilya Two Piece Clay Chiminea With Grill

  • Kilya Two Piece Clay Chiminea With Grill, £169.99 from Notonthehighstreet – buy here

This gorgeous chimenea is perfect to do some alfresco cooking using the grill extending your evenings longer around the warmth of the fire.

The design means it's as attractive as it is functional; and is the perfect size for heating up some tasty treats.

Made with its eye-catching grey clay and a gorgeous hand-painted detail Inca design it is certain to brighten up your garden and warm up your evenings.

Which is best fire pit or chiminea?

The main differences between fire pits and chimineas are size and shape.

Chimineas are often taller but smaller in diameter, while fire pits are larger and will give you a 360 view of the flame.

If you have small children or pets, a chiminea is probably a better and safer choice for you as its flames are enclosed and it also creates less smoke.

That said if you don’t have any children and you like to have friends and family around, a firepit is a great statement piece that will keep your guests warm all night.

Which is better clay or cast iron chiminea? 

This very much depends on your preference and your budget.

Iron chimineas are more durable and less fragile than clay ones. They also require less maintenance, although they will rust if not maintained properly.

Clay is a cheaper option and they are also easier to move.

Plus, they have a rustic look that is likely to fit well with your other pots and plants in the garden.

Sadly, they are also more fragile and may crack or break without warning.

Do Chimineas keep you warm?

Yes. Chimineas are good outdoor heaters.

They project their heat at a wide distance but it might be best to opt for a larger model if you have a very big outdoor space.

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