A recipe for disaster! People share their hilarious baking fails

Recipe for disaster! Cakes that went VERY wrong will not make it on to Bake Off any time soon

  • These cakes may taste delicious, but they look as ugly as they are hilarious
  • Gosocial shared the funniest baking fails they came across in an online gallery 
  • Include a creepy Elsa from DIsney film from Frozen and a scary SpongeBob cake

These amateur bakers who tried really hard to make show-stopping cakes, ended up creating monsters instead. 

People from all over the world have shared their worst baking fails in a photo gallery on Gosocial

From a scary SpongeBob SquarePants to a creepy Elsa cake from Frozen, we’d advise these culprits leave any future baking to the professionals.

One cake was supposed to look like a friendly, smiling face but came out of the oven resembling more of a demon.

Meanwhile, an attempt at rustling up a canary cake instead looked more like a bird from hell.  

From friendly face to the demon that haunts your worst nightmare. We hope this failed cake was not baked for a child  

With its intricate detail, this replicate was sure to be a recipe for disaster! Pictured left, the Elsa cake the amateur tried to create

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While this baker gets an A for effort, the cake on the right looks nothing like the cute and friendly Pokemon it’s modelled on (left)  

Thankfully for this woman, the only similarity she draws to this disastrous attempt is the yellow dress

What was meant to look like a cute little bird ( left) ended up looking like a miserable melted creature (right) 

One baker tried to make their own version of this SpongeBob SquarePants (right) cake, but ended with a terrifying outcome instead (right)  

One baker tried to shine with their literary taste (left), but lucked out in the baking department (right) 

This cake (pictured) was meant to look like Marvel’s superhero Hulk but turned out slightly less threatening and much more wobbly 

We don’t know what happened to this Ariel bake but the end result looked nothing like the original (pictured)

We’re not sure if it’s the teeth or the chocolate spikes, but this cake is properly terrifying (pictured) 

What happened to the cute and innocent unicorn-cake on the left? The attempt on the right ended up being much naughtier 

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