‘AGT’ Live Blog: Who Will Get The Last Golden Buzzer In The Final Auditions?

The final auditions for ‘America’s Got Talent’ season 13 have arrived! The last Golden Buzzer is on the line and one lucky contestant is going to get it! Read our live blog of the July 10 episode now!

The red carpet is being rolled out, and the final hopefuls are heading to the AGT auditions in hopes of impressing the judges. First up is a trio called Hamster Wheel. The group has brought a Rube Goldberg machine to the stage, which is a machine of sorts that uses a chain reaction to accomplish a task. The machine is elaborate and tricky. Anything could go wrong. Fortunately, nothing does! Simon Cowell is impressed with the act. “I was really on the edge of my seat,” he says. Hamster Wheel is moving on!

Next up is Patches, a 13-year-old singer. He surprises everyone when his original song is actually a rap! He can certainly spit bars! The judges want to see more from Patches, so they send him through to the next round! A father-daughter acrobatic duo from Las Vegas takes the stage for one jaw-dropping act. The father balances his daughter’s entire body on his head, and then the daughter holds herself up with one hand on the dad’s head! Mel B is “blown away” by the act, as are the rest of the judges. Needless to say, they’re moving on!

The massive Angel City Chorale takes the stage for a powerful performance that has Simon clapping along. That’s how you know it’s really good. Mel B calls the performance “very uplifting” and “fantastic.” Simon says he’s “going to remember this for a long time.”

Oliver Graves is a stand-up comedian who hopes to impress the judges. He’s got some crazy dark eye makeup and a crazy wig. His dry humor has the entire crowd laughing out loud. The judges rave about him, and Oliver starts crying because of the incredible reaction. He’s got come up with more jokes because he’s going to the next round!

Next to hit the stage is 12-year-old Angel Garcia. He sings a powerful rendition of the Spanish hit “El Tristo” and has Mel B and Heidi Klum on their feet. Despite his incredible vocals, Howie Mandel doesn’t like the song choice, so he gives Angel a no. Simon is the deciding vote, and he thinks Angel is “one of the best singers we’ve had so far.” YES!

Since this is AGT, anything can happen. There’s a singing dog who can actually hold a note! Speaking of singers, a 25-year-old singer named Hunter steps out to perform for the judges. He starts with “Everything I Do” by Bryan Adams, and it’s a pretty generic performance. Simon stops him. The judges need more from him because they’ve seen this performance before. The second time around, Hunter sings an original song. The performance is beyond dreamy. He’s going on to the next round!

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