Airbnb renter says couple left behind drugs, knives — and bloodstains

This goes beyond just making a mess.

A Kansas man renting out a room in his house on Airbnb recently made a shocking discovery. He claims he found drugs, knives and bloodstains on the wall after a couple temporarily rented the room.

“I’ve had people come hungover after a party and needed a hotel,” Airbnb host Chris Sayegh told Fox 4 KC. “New Years, that was crazy but other than that, this is the first of the first.”

He says that the damage would cost him an estimated $4,000.

He told the news outlet about his reaction to finding the mess. “It was bad,” he said. “I mean, I had a manic episode, and I was basically cleaning really, really good, and I just cleaned everything, and I just did not stop.”

Despite this experience, Sayegh says he’s not done with the rental site, although he’s hoping for some changes.

“I will continue Airbnbing if they will help me get the proper security systems to be comfortable, help me get a ring doorbell, the proper locks for every room and compensate me for my emotional pain,” he explained.

In a statement obtained by Fox News, a spokesperson for Airbnb said, “The reported behavior has no place on Airbnb. We’ve removed the booking guest from our community and are in communication with the host to initiate a claim through Airbnb’s $1 Million Host Guarantee.”

Fox 4 KC reports that police confiscated the drug paraphernalia, leading them to arrest 29-year-old Rebecca Singh and 23-year-old Joseph Crane. The pair is facing charges related to drug possession.

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