Alec Baldwin Sued For Unsafe Work Conditions After A Fatal Shooting Accident On The Sets Of Rust

Several people who worked on the set of Rust are facing a new lawsuit, including Alec Baldwin, following the fatal shooting that claimed the life of one crew member and injured another.

According to PEOPLE Magazine, Serge Svetnoy, who was employed as the chief of lighting on the film’s set, has launched a lawsuit against Baldwin, assistant director Dave Halls, armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, and several of the movie’s producers. Svetnoy considered himself a close friend of Halyna Hutchins, the cinematographer who passed away in the incident.

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The crew was shooting in New Mexico when the incident occurred in late October. Baldwin had been practicing with a gun, which he reportedly believed to be an unarmed prop.

When he pulled the trigger, however, it became apparent the gun had been stocked with live rounds, as it fatally hit Hutchins and wounded director Joel Souza, who had been standing close to her at the time. Since then, an investigation has been launched to determine why the gun was loaded despite the crew believing it was a prop.

In his lawsuit, Svetnoy argues that unsafe working conditions contributed to the fatal accident. He specifically argues the crew failed to follow “industry standards” when working with firearms.

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Though he wasn’t injured in the accident, Svetnoy also notes in the lawsuit that he had been close enough to sustain serious injuries – he was standing “shoulder-to-shoulder” with Hutchins when she was fatally shot. Svetnoy adds that “materials from the blast struck [him] directly.”

The lawsuit implicates Baldwin in that it emphasizes that while the scene required the actor to point the gun, he wasn’t supposed to fire it.

It’s unclear how much financial compensation Svetnoy is seeking in his lawsuit. But he emphasizes that the incident has caused him irreparable emotional distress, so it’s likely to be a big payout if Svetnoy wins the case.

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The defendants named in the lawsuit are maintaining their innocence. Gutierrez-Reed’s lawyer, Jason Bowles, argues the armorer is being framed as the scapegoat in order to deflect public criticism. Bowles further claims that he and his client believe evidence from the incident was tampered with before authorities arrived at the scene.

“We are asking for a full and complete investigation of all of the facts, including the live rounds themselves, how they ended up in the ‘dummies’ box, and who put them in there,” Bowles said in a statement, CBC reports.

Baldwin has largely been largely silent since the shooting took place. But in a video statement shared on October 30th, he called it a “one-in-a-trillion event.” He defended the crew, arguing that they’re very experienced, so the incident was simply a fluke.

We’ll keep you updated as this story progresses.

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