Amateur cooks share snaps of their hilarious barbecue fails

Takeaway, anyone? Amateur cooks share snaps of their hilarious summer barbecue fails

  • Wannabe chefs have shared funny photos of their worst barbecue mishaps
  • Several of the pictures capture appliances going up in flames
  • Others show off food that has been burnt so badly it no longer looks edible 

A barbecue is the perfect way to celebrate summer, with the weather making it possible to eat outside – on most occasions, that is.

But these hilarious snaps prove that cooking al-fresco isn’t as easy as you think, with these amateur cooks failing to serve up an edible feast in spectacular style.

From cremated sausages, chicken wings and burgers to barbecues on fire, these are the worst barbecue fails of the summer so far, as shared by hopeless wannabe chefs.

And the snaps, shared on Instagram under the hashtag #bbqfail, will make you feel a lot better about your own barbecuing skills.

That’s not supposed to happen! This barbecue went up in flames when it was lit by its owner and would cremate any food if you tried to cook on it

This hopeless amateur chef forgot about the chicken breasts on the barbecue and ended up having to eat cremated food that was black all over

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I think they added too much oil! One appliance went completely up in flames when it was lit, while another barbecue ended in disaster as the sausages were burnt to a crisp

After dusting off the barbecue at the start of the summer, this cook was surprised to find that two possums had made a nest inside

They’re meant to be golden yellow, not black! These corn on the cobs were given a ltitle too much heat as they have turned almost to ash

Someone call the fire brigade! This barbecue went up in flames in spectacular fashion, and the cooks desperately tried to keep the chicken out of the way so it didn’t burn

Takeaway, anyone? These chicken legs were burnt to a crisp at both of these barbecues, as clearly someone had forgotten to keep an eye on the meat on the grill

Never take your eye off the grill! These sausages were reduced to ash on the grill after left for too long on the barbecue

It’s not clear what vegetables these were before they were reduced to cinders after a cook applied way too much heat on the barbecue

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