American living in the UK baffled by ‘dangerous’ metal grids on British paths

An American living in the UK has been left baffled by ‘dangerous’ metal bars that are secured into pavements on some British streets.

The expat, who moved from the US, has had a pretty hard time adjusting to British culture and the infrastructure found here across the pond.

Previously, they were slammed for making British tea by boiling milk in a kettle and were mocked for not knowing what grit boxes are.

But this time, the baffled American has questioned what the silver rectangular grids are that can be found on the pavement in some British parks.

Posting to TikTok under the name @swfinds, the American posed the question: “Can someone please tell me what these are?

“They are everywhere on the dangerous sidewalks in the UK.”

In the clip which has now racked up 185,000 views, the American filmed two metal sections in the path that have rounded bars going across them.

But instead of Brits enlightening the American on what they are for, they of course provided them with some very sarcastic and very wrong answers.

One person commented: “They’re breathing holes for the loch-ness monster.”

Another user chuckled: “Windows for the people of the underground crumpet factories.”

Whilst a third person expressed: “They are grids which immediately trap year 7s, they then get teleported to the police station.”

Someone else declared: “Speed boost.”

Meanwhile, a fifth person giggled: “Outdoor toaster.”

Luckily for the confused American, a kind commenter shared what the ‘dangerous’ metal bars in the ground were – it turns out they are cattle grids and they are not harmful at all.

One person shared: “It’s a cattle block so animals and cattle can’t pass.”

Well, we guess someone learnt something new today!

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