Amy Schumer 'Feeling Stronger and Thrilled About Life' After Uterus, Appendix Removal

Schumer details the surgery, saying doctors found a tumor on her “endo ravaged appendix.”

After a week into recovering from her intense uterus removal surgery, comedian Amy Schumer is on the mend.

Due to complications with painful periods and endometriosis, Schumer decided to undergo a hysterectomy after finding 30 spots of endometriosis on her uterus. In a video posted to Instagram a day after her surgery, the 40-year-old told followers that she also had to remove her appendix, as the endometriosis had attacked it as well.

Over the weekend, however, Schumer updated fans and told them she was “feeling stronger and thrilled about life” following the operation. Wearing a t-shirt reading “Recovery mode On,” she captioned the image with additional details about her diagnosis, surgery and recovery. She also included audio of her doctor going over her pathology.

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“I cry through most of the findings. I had a tumor in my endo ravaged appendix. Chocolate cysts in both ovaries. Endo of the uterus, psoas all over all my lifelong pain explained and lifted out of my body,” she began.

“I am already a changed person. I am busting with joy for the new energy I have to be with my son,” the comedian continued. “And anyone wondering if this is connected to my difficult pregnancy and hyperemesis I say f– yes!”

“I can’t answer medically because there is no research on this s— because they only happen TO WOMEN and there is no time to study them because all resources need to be funneled into researching ERECTILE DISFUNCTION,” she added.

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Continuing her frustration, she concluded, in all caps: “THERE IS BARELY ANY RESEARCH ON ENDOMETRIOSIS WHICH OVER 10 percent of women have. ALL FUNDING SEEMS TO GO TO DICKMEREGENCIES.”

Her update was met with words of support from people like Julianne Moore, who commented, “So glad u feel better. Thank U for this.”

“This made me happy. You deserve all the goodness,” added Alyssa Milano, while Paris Hilton sent a string of heart emojis. “Love you amy. I’m so happy you found this relief,” wrote Amber Tamblyn, as Elle King added, “We love you Amy! You are our hero! Happy for you. Thank you for making women feel empowered and not alone.”

“I’m so happy for you, added Rosanna Arquette. “Gratitude for sharing your painful experience and the healing and joy now which is helping so many women God bless you.”

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