An Intelligent Investor: The Diverse Business Ventures Of Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson has known the spotlight since she was pretty young. Being the child of celebrities Goldie Hawn and Bill Hudson, Kate was in the public eye long before making movies. Hudson is known for her famous romantic comedies, from Bride Wars to How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days. While Hudson hasn’t made a featured film since 2017, she focuses her time on being a mother and running a series of business ventures every day. Hudson had a fire inside her to become a self-sustaining woman and dip her toes into the world of business. She stood true to her faith and found success for herself.

Hudson has only created ventures that reflect her personality. Being a fitness-freak and environment-conscious person, she launched her businesses for people to take on a healthy lifestyle. Her business portfolio has managed to garner her a net worth of upwards of $100 million. From fashion and supplements to distilled beverages, let’s take a look at Kate Hudson’s ventures.


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Kate Hudson co-founded her athleisure brand Fabletics in 2013, and it has dominated the market ever since. Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler, co-founders, observed a lack of activewear in the market that offered quality clothes at affordable rates. Using stylish apparel and advanced technology, Fabletics emerged as a brand that went beyond the gym. The brand commenced operations in October 2013 and expanded to Europe in July 2014, as stated by Fabletics. A year later, the brand opened its first six retail stores, and by January 2020, Fabletics had 50 stores in the United States.

The brand has collaborated with several high-end celebrities like Kevin Hart, Demi Lovato, and Liza Koshy. Fabletics has a visible presence in the market that has amassed a net worth of $500 million. As Huson owns 20% of the stake in the company, her share in the company is estimated to be $100 million. The brand created a benchmark to offer quality products at lower rates than industry giants like Nike and Adidas.

King Street Vodka

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While being candid about her PR and promotions, Kate Hudson has been quite open about her decision to prefer building her enterprise rather than endorsing a third party. She noticed a need in the vodka industry and created a non-GMO, seven-time distilled, gluten-free vodka in December 2019. She co-created it with her partner David Kanbar who also collaborated with Bethenny Frankel to create Skinnygirl Cocktails. Hudson noted that the vodka business had become male-oriented even though women consumed the majority of the vodka.

According to Forbes, Huson put her personal touch to the branding as she named it King Street after the street she lived in New York for a decade and being an avid consumer of vodka helped her design the cover of the bottle. While the reports of King Street Vodka and Hudson’s investments aren’t known, the vodka is relatively popular due to its $29.99 price tag.


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Kate Hudon is famous for her bohemian and chic outfits. She decided to bring it to the public when she launched her 30-piece collection of dresses, jackets, jumpsuits, and pants with her clothing line HappyxNature in 2019. Her line had eco-friendly clothes made from organic and recycled cotton, while the denim was constructed from recycled bottles.

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According to People, she even ensured that the packaging was sustainable and only used biodegradable materials. While the brand itself did quite well with the people, the parent firm New York & Company decided to shut down its retail stores. Even though the future of the fashion line was ambiguous, Hudson still managed to establish a successful business venture while protecting the environment.

Sibling Revelry

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Kate Huson launched a joint podcast, Sibling Revelry, with her brother Oliver Hudson in 2019, which explores the dynamics between siblings, family connections, and being together. Listeners love the banter between the siblings while they interview famous sibling pairs or trios for their podcasts. The podcasts offer insights into sharing funny memories interwoven with emotional incidents.

Sibling Revelry has many big-time celebrity guests on the podcast, including Jessica Alba, Maddie Ziegler, Paris Hilton, Zooey Deschanel, and Matthew McConaughey with their siblings. While the money any podcaster makes varies from $0 to $100,000, Kate and Oliver Hudson fall into the latter part of the spectrum due to their celebrity status and the star-studded lineup of guests for their episodes.


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While taking care of her health and fitness and creating an athleisure clothing line along with a health-conscious beverage, Huson launched another business that fit the portfolio. In August 2020, her chic beauty supplement brand InBloom was announced. The supplements are powder-made and do not contain any synthetic elements.

Her brand started by creating five powders which first went on sale in August. Her challenge was to ensure that the nutritional powders were only made with herbs and whole-food ingredients, as noted by Refinery 29. InBloom gained quick popularity due to Hudson’s massive social media following of millions, and her products were instantly sold out. The starting price of her supplement powders is $49, while her all-natural creams cost about $125.

Kate Hudson seems to be on a never-ending streak to become the most prominent celebrity moguls in Hollywood with a line of a slightly bumpy but successful string of business ventures. By making conscious choices, she has increased her popularity and net worth in the last few years. It can be said that Hudson is a true example of how people who follow their passion eventually find success.

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