Astrologer reveals Prince William and Kate Middleton compatibility

Why Prince William and Kate Middleton are the perfect zodiac match: Princess Diana’s astrologer reveals how the Cambridges ‘feel at home with each other’ but have ‘enough differences to keep things interesting’

  • Princess Diana’s former astrologer told what she would think of the Cambridges
  • Debbie Frank said Prince William, 38, and Kate, 37, could create ‘solid family unit’
  • Pointed to signs the couple had ‘enough differences to keep things interesting’
  • Also said Kate has recently ‘experienced challenges’ and has had to ‘dig deep’
  • Meanwhile Prince William will ‘shift from an old cycle, into a new one’ this year

Princess Diana’s former astrologer has revealed how the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are a perfect zodiac match because they ‘feel at home with one another’ but also have ‘enough differences to make them interesting’.   

Debbie Frank said Kate Middleton, 37, was a ‘grounded’ Capricorn who could be ‘an anchor of emotional sensitivity’ for Prince William, 38. 

Writing in Hello magazine, Debbie revealed the Duke and Duchess are compatible on in a series of ways, explaining that there is ‘a unified force around Kate and William, enough differences to keep things interesting and enough shared values to build something long-lasting.’

She added that their signs indicated the couple would both feel a shift this year, with Prince William moving ‘into a new cycle’ and Kate being given ‘greater responsibilities’.  

Princess Diana’s former royal astrology has revealed how Prince William, 37, and Kate Middleton, 38, are compatible, but explained the pair have ‘enough differences to keep things interesting’

Speaking about the royal couple, Debbie revealed Kate’s sun sign is the opposite of Prince William’s.

She said opposite signs are ‘magnetically attracted’, with Kate’s Capricorn sign acting as an ‘anchor for the emotional sensitivity’ of Prince William’s Cancer sign.

Meanwhile she also said a Cancer sign would ‘instinctively know how to open up’ the ‘somewhat inhibited’ Capricorn. 

Debbie said the couple likely experienced a ‘hugely powerful attraction’ initially, but their relationships longevity had come from their compatibility elsewhere. 

Meanwhile Debbie added that  Prince William would see a ‘shift’ into a new cycle in the next year, while Kate would be given ‘greater responsibility’ 

She pointed to their ‘top traditional compatibility’ because of their moon signs, adding: ‘It means you feel at home with each other and have the potential to create a solid base and family unit.’

Debbie also explained how the couple ‘shared Mars’, a planet of motivation, and both worked in the same sign of Libra.

This means the couple were likely ‘completely attuned to one another’ and could be ‘non-competitive’ about their work. 

Meanwhile, she added that the couples individual astrology revealed they both faced further changes in the year ahead.

Debbie added that the upcoming changes in the next two years would give Kate ‘greater responsibilities’.

Debbie revealed how Kate  had recently faced  ‘challenging aspects’ which required her to ‘dig deep’ (pictured, at the Commonwealth Day Service earlier this month) 

Meanwhile she revealed that Kate had recently experienced ‘challenging aspects’ which required her to ‘dig deep’ and ‘discover the full extent of her personal resources’.  

Debbie also pointed to a solar eclipse on Prince William’s birthday as ‘shifting’ him from an old cycle and into a new one.   

Debbie met Princess Debbie, with whom she shared a close bond, through a mutual friend in 1989. 

While the Cambridges always have a busy schedule, they are more in the spotlight than ever after Harry and Meghan’s departure and Prince Andrew’s ‘retirement’, and will certainly be aware of the need to step up to support the Queen.  

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