I Ate Like Chrissy Teigen for 1 Week, and It Was More Fun Than I Expected

If there’s an epic goal that can be turned into a social media hashtag, Chrissy Teigen probably epitomizes it. Her stylish wardrobe redefines #stylegoals. Her witty relationship with husband, John Legend, puts the bar for #relationshipgoals incredibly high. But my favorite thing about Teigen is how she has taken #foodiegoals to the next level. So, like anyone else wanting to emulate their favorite celebrity, I decided to try a week eating like Teigen. I dipped into her cookbook, checked her Instagram posts, and researched her craziest food hacks.

The result? I found Chrissy Teigen has way more fun eating than the rest of us do. And I’m definitely a fan.

First up, the Doritos test

Doritos lovers might want to try out the weird trick. | AnikaSalsera/iStock/Getty Images

While researching Teigen’s food hacks, I read she likes to lick the nacho cheese off Doritos and then not eat the chip because “you get the flavor, not all the carbs!” I thought that was hilarious — and then decided I had to try. So I grabbed a little mini bag of Doritos at work and, while nobody was looking, tried this whole Doritos-licking thing.

It didn’t satisfy any kind of hunger. But I was so busy chuckling at myself for licking a chip that I quickly forgot about eating altogether.

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The big breakfast

These look amazing. | Jessa_marie8771 via Instagram

One of the great things about eating like Teigen is she doesn’t deny herself meals. And that starts off with having a good breakfast. So the weekend I started my food excursion, I skimmed Teigen’s Cravings cookbook for a hearty breakfast that would fuel my morning errand run and workout. I ended up settling on John’s Breakfast Sandwich, prepping everything to make the sausage patties the night before, so I could whip it up and go the next morning. Not only was it delicious — it calls for Sriracha — but it kept me full through a busy Saturday.

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‘Healthier’ eating

Chrissy Teigen loves replacing carbs with hearty and tasty portobello mushrooms. | PicturePartners/Getty Images

Teigen admits to eating healthier fare before she has a big photo shoot, so I decided to mimic some of her low-carb favorites throughout the week. While her ideas for meat-filled salads were tasty and easy to make, I was most impressed with the stuffed portobello mushroom recipe she shared with Shape. I altered the recipe slightly by using more olive oil in place of half of the butter, but the essence of the dish was still the same. And adding just a spoonful of marinara sauce made the dish seem way more decadent than it actually was.

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The junk food list

This writer found herself craving cookies but did not feel deprived of her favorite foods. | CuorerouC/iStock/Getty Images

One thing that has always made diets unappealing to me is you have to deny yourself certain foods. If I can’t eat something, I typically start obsessing over it. (I became infatuated with bread when I tried Kate Middleton’s low-carb diet.) But Teigen has a hack for that: When she has to eat extra healthy before a job, she writes a list of all the crazy things she can eat afterward. It was amazing. After I listed off that I wanted a large pizza or giant cookie, I was able to move on with my day and not obsess over it. Pure genius.

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My friends got in on it

There’s something in this book for everyone. | Chrissy Teigen via Instagram

One of my girlfriends wanted in on the “eat like Chrissy Teigen” action. So in planning a mid-week dinner for a couple of us, we bought Cravings and put together a meal of chicken over coconut rice. Not only was the flavor combination amazing, but the rice was even delicious leftover the next day. (I highly recommend topping a little rice with a fried egg and some salsa for breakfast.) The best part was I got a couple friends to try new recipes with me.

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The super snack

Did you know about this cool popcorn hack? | Itakdalee/iStock/Getty Images

Because I snack throughout the day instead of eating three large meals, I was definitely down to try Teigen’s seasoned popcorn trick. While she suggests simply adding Lawry’s seasoning salt to buttered popcorn, I upended my spice cabinet and added black pepper, dill, and some red pepper flakes. It was such a tasty snack — except that I wanted to eat the whole bowl of popcorn in one sitting!

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Will I keep this up?

The model sure knows her stuff when it comes to good food. | Mike Coppola/Getty Images for Target

Needless to say, taking literal pages from Teigen’s cookbook was a blast. I don’t know whether I have the patience to cook as extensively as she does every day. (And I don’t know how I feel about licking Doritos on a regular basis.) But I did learn some fun recipes along the way. Next up: a Chrissy Teigen-themed dinner party, perhaps?

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