Baby On The Brain: Stylist’s new franchise exploring motherhood in 2021

Been thinking about your fertility? Or perhaps you’re pregnant and worried about what happens next in your career? Stylist’s new franchise, Baby On The Brain, is here to answer all your motherhood questions. 

The last year of UK coronavirus lockdowns spurred on women up and down the country to reassess their personal priorities. There have been more open discussions of flexible working, thousands of people left London for homes with more space and, as ever, the issue of fertility and starting a family came to the fore too. In fact, at the start of the third lockdown last winter Google search in the UK for ‘fertility’ spiked at an annual high as the Office of National Statistics published new data around motherhood: the average age a woman becomes a mother hit a record high at 30.7 years in 2019.

With all this in mind, Stylist’s Baby On The Brain franchise has been created to take a deeper look into what it means to be a woman considering motherhood in 2021. Deciding to start a family is an exciting time for many, but the reality is that seeing a positive pregnancy test can send even the most laid-back women into a spiral of sleepless nights (…way before a baby arrives to do that for them). 

This digital space will be filled with discussions from different women airing their thoughts on motherhood, or the considerations around motherhood. But you won’t find information about the practicalities of sleep or feeding on Baby on the Brain. And this series is not about birth, either. This space is all about you, as women.

Baby On The Brain: It’s not about the practicalities of birth, but you as a woman

Baby On The Brain will also include a podcast, with series one kicking off today. From identity to parental leave, to the inequality of the sacrifices men and women are still expected to make. Each episode tackles one of the conundrums that keeps many mums-to-be awake at night when they find out their life is about to change.

In this thought-provoking but light-hearted new podcast, Stylist’s Fliss Thistlethwaite – a mum-to-be grappling with her own questions – meets other pregnant women to chat about their concerns; finding experts and mothers who have answers to their middle-of-the-night worries.

So, welcome to Baby On The Brain. Please do let us know what you think on Stylist’s Twitter or Instagram account, using #StylistBabyOnTheBrain. 

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