Bella Hadid Just Gave Herself the Riskiest At-Home Haircut

Dramatically changing your hair own at home is always a gamble, but the stakes are even higher right now. With salons closed in order to enforce social distancing and stop the spread of COVID-19, it's impossible for your stylist to do damage control if you mess up your haircut or DIY color.

In recent weeks, we've seen a ton of successful celeb at-home dye jobs. Hilary Duff went bright blue, Jennifer Love Hewitt added fuchsia highlights to her chocolate brown base, and Selma Blair recently dyed her salt-and-pepper pixie a deep brunette shade. 

Bella Hadid is another celeb who's been playing with her hair while quarantining at home. Last week, she discovered a TikTok filter that temporary changes your hair color (and cures your boredom). This week, the model has made a more parament change to her hair: she just gave herself bangs. 

Bella Hadid Bangs Haircut

Hadid debuted her new eyebrow-grazing wispy bangs on her Instagram Story. After posting a poll asking her followers if she should be trusted to cut other people's hair, she gave her friend Leah a matching set of bangs. 

Bella Hadid Bangs

While stylists won't encourage you to cut your hair at home, bangs are an exception — that is, if you already have them and just want to give yourself a little trim. Hadid's DIY bang cut could have went horribly wrong, but we have to say that we're pretty impressed at how good these long wispy bangs look. 

VIDEO: How to Trim Your Own Bangs Without Screwing Them Up

Hadid regularly adds bangs to her lob when she feels like switching things up, but she's never fully committed to them. Typically, the model's hairstylist Jen Atkin uses a clip-in pieces to give her choppy bangs without actually cutting her hair. 

So whether it's boredom, or Hadid has been planning on getting bangs for awhile, the model's cut tops the list of dramatic celebrity at-home hair makeovers  — so far. 

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