Bella Hadid makes ice dunking a viral trend – but just what is this beauty hack?

Model Bella Hadid recently went viral after she shared a look at her skincare go-to for "de-puffing" her face.

The glamorous 25 year old shared a carousel of pictures including a video where the model dunks her face into a bowl of ice.

With the star's many catwalks, photoshoots and appearances, it comes as no surprise that looking after her skin is of utmost importance.

And it seems her go-to hack is a bowl of ice which, we're sure, will soon become a viral trend.

Bella isn't alone in championing this method as a way to de-puff the face, as it's popular among other famous names too.

Leonardo DiCaprio reportedly swears by the method to de-puff his face after late nights learning lines.

Actress Katrina Kaif is a fan of the method too, as is Kate Moss who once described it as her beauty secret.

"The ice plunge is the best trick," Kate shared, adding: "Fill a sink with ice cubes, cold water and slices of cucumber and hold your face in for as long as you can. It instantly reduces puffiness and tightens up your skin."

Sharing why, Nurse Lucy Phillips, skin specialist and founder of Kaizen Medical, explained that dipping your head in ice really can help with circulation, and reduces puffiness in the skin.

"It can also help reduce redness and minimise the size of pores," she continued.

Lucy also shared different techniques, if you don't fancy submerging your head into a bowl of ice.

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"I’d recommend using an ice wand or globe rather than sticking your head in a bowl of ice, as it will be less harsh for more sensitive skins," she continued.

Dr OBT, aesthetic doctor and founder of Halycon Aesthetics, also shared that dunking your head in ice is a "form of ice therapy."

"It helps reduce puffiness in the face because ice can help with the release of fluid buildup and drains toxins," Dr OBT shared.

They continued: "Ice baths and cold water swimming have become increasingly popular for their health benefits and can also help with increasing blood circulation and reducing stress levels."

So there you have it! Ice can have many advantages when it comes to the skin and circulation.

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