Bella Thorne’s Relationship Dreams Revealed: What She’s Looking For In A New Mate

Bella Thorne just split from girlfriend Tana Mongeau but she’s already actively seeking a new girlfriend and figuring out exactly what she wants in the process.

Bella Thorne, 21, may have just parted ways with girlfriend Tana Mongeau, but she’s not letting herself get upset over it, and in fact, she’s using what went wrong as knowledge for what she wants in the future. Now that she’s single in the girlfriend department and open to date anyone she wants, she’s taking the time to not only get to know others, but to also get to know herself.

“She doesn’t even know herself,” a source close to Bella EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “She might want to date another guy instead when it comes to her next relationship. She is all about a good time and nothing very serious. That’s not to say she wouldn’t deem her next relationship as important but she is not seeking wedding bells anytime soon. Bella is a free spirit and wants to share her time with people who are just like her. Someone she can go to Coachella with and not worry about, that is her main thoughts on who she will date next. She’s 21 and wants to be young, have fun and make decisions as they come, leave the seriousness to other people. She can’t be bothered by that nonsense. She would rather take it as it comes. That is what makes her most relaxed.”

Bella’s lighthearted way at looking at her next relationship came through in a caption she posted to Instagram on Mar. 6, after her split from Tana, which she confirmed in a tweet on Feb. 26. “I need a new gf. Who wants to be my girlfriend?” the caption read. Bella is currently in an open relationship with rapper Mod Sun, 32, so she’s not completely single, but it’s great to know she’s looking to have fun while she’s young and figuring herself out!

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