Best Color to Wear on a Date: Pants, Jumpsuits, Dresses

There’s little you wouldn’t do in preparing for a big date — getting your hair done, paying special attention to your makeup, sending selfies to all your friends with all your outfit options — but there’s one really easy trick to scientifically looking more attractive to your date. Hint: it all comes down to wearing one loud, attention-grabbing color.

According to Psychology Today, men rate women as more attractive when wearing red as opposed to other shades. On the flip side, the results also work in a man’s favor. In a multicultural study at the University of Rochester, women believe that men wearing red appear to be more powerful, attractive and sexually desirable. Wearing the color can also make you feel more confident, as stated by a 2017 German study.

So, if you’ve got a date coming up or you just want to surprise your current boo, try wearing a pop of fiery red! Flirty dresses, strappy camisoles and figure-hugging styles are sure to make you feel like a star (and blow your date’s mind).

Scroll down for some of our favorite red pieces to take your beau’s breath away.

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