Best Suncream For Kids To Use This Summer Including NIVEA, Child's Farm And More

TO help parents take on the battle to protect their kids' skin, brands have released numerous suncreams to help nourish and create a barrier from UVA and UVB rays. To help speed the process up and help people understand products include the best protection, we have rounded up some of the most effective suncream for kids. 

As the summer half term and 6-week holidays approach, children across the UK will be taking to soft plays, playgrounds, parks and going on holidays with their parents. However, as the sunniest season comes, so do hot temperatures and powerful UV rays, potentially putting our nation’s children at risk from skin burn and long-term damage. 

How To Choose Sunscreen For Kids

“Infants and children have sensitive skin which is more prone to damage from the sun than adult skin,” explains Dr. Fiona Worsnop, consultant dermatologist at Stratum Clinics. “As such, it is absolutely vital to practice diligent sun protection and sun avoidance where possible.” 

Suncream, sometimes known as sunscreen or sun lotion, is one of the most effective ways to protect the skin from sun damage. Worsnop recommends that parents should choose one that has both a high SPF and a high UVA rating.  

“SPF stands for sun protection factor,” she says. “It refers to protection against Ultraviolet B (UVB) radiation, the UV most responsible for sunburn. It is a measure of how much longer you can stay in the sun before burning, compared to wearing no SPF; the higher the SPF on the label, the better the protection it offers

What Factor Suncream Should Kids Use?

“For children, you should look for a sunscreen product with a minimum of SPF 30 ideally and you should also look for protection against Ultraviolet A (UVA)—at least a 4 or 5-star rating is recommended,” Worsnop continues.

While suncream is needed to protect against the risk of developing skin cancer, parents need to remember that exposure to water can alter the effectiveness of the product. It also becomes less effective over time. 

“If your child is outside on a hot sunny day it is important to re-apply the sunscreen every two hours, and also re-apply if your child has been sweating or in the water,” advises Worsnop. She also recommends that children under the age of 6 months avoid strong and direct sunlight. 

For more information on sun safety, please visit the NHS website.

Solbari Dry-Touch Sunscreen Face SPF 50+ — buy now

  • Solbari Dry-Touch Sunscreen Face SPF 50+— buy now 

We all know how much kids dislike things being put on their faces, so we’ve picked out some face sunscreen products that will make the process a lot easier. The Solbari Dry Touch Sunscreen for the face comes in SPF 50+ and protects the skin for up to 4 hours making it perfect for every use and physical activity. According to the brand, it can also be used all over the body.

The consistency of the lotion is non-greasy and acts as an “invisible” barrier, making it less annoying to children. It is also water-resistant making it perfect for those water parties in the back garden. 

Altruist Dermatologist SPF 50 Light Face Fluid 

  • Altruist Dermatologist SPF 50 Light Face Fluid — buy now 

This face fluid has a 5-star ultra UVA rating and delivers broad-spectrum protection against both UVA and UVB radiation. The lotion also includes Vitamin E to prevent cellular damage from UV-induced free radicals and reactive oxygen species. It is also dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic, fragrance-free and water-resistant.  

As the formula is designed for sensitive skins, it should be kind enough to use on children’s faces. 

Childs Farm SPF 50+ Roll-On Sun Lotion — buy now 

  • Childs Farm SPF 50+ Roll-On Sun Lotion — buy now 

Known for its baby products, it’s no surprise that Childs Farm has produced a sunscreen to help those who might be extra sensitive to the sun’s rays. This unfragranced lotion comes in the form of a roll-on, which our small reviewer not only tolerated when we put it on them; they decided it was fun enough to put on themselves, making marks on their arms and legs. 

This formula is water-resistant with a SPF rating of 50+, protecting against UVB and UVA rays. It feels light on the skin, making it easy to rub in to maximise skin coverage. 

Heliocare 360° Pediatrics Atopic Lotion Spray — buy now

  • Heliocare 360° Pediatrics Atopic Lotion Spray — buy now

This spray is light and hydrating for the skin and can be used on sensitive and eczema-prone skin (also known as atopic skin). The trigger for the bottle is easy to lock and unlock, meaning no leaks in the bag, and is free of fragrance and alcohol. It is also water-resistant, making it a necessity for those days out at the water park. 

It has an SPF rating of 50+ and a PA rating, a UVA rating from Japan, of ++++, which measures “Extremely High UVA protection.” It’s also very quick to put on so no needless struggles with the toddler. 

NIVEA SUN Kids Coloured Suncream Spray SPF50+ — buy now 

  • NIVEA SUN Kids Coloured Suncream Spray SPF50+ — buy now 

Developed for children’s skin, this sun spray is a coloured lotion making it easier for parents to identify where the product lands on their child’s skin. Being coined as “extra water-resistant”, the sun cream a SPF rating of 50+ and a UVA rating of 4-star, providing immediate protection against UVA and UVB rays. 

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