Beyonce Almost Fell At Her Concert, But Flawlessly Recovered Like The Queen She Is

Leave it to Queen Bey to turn the act of tripping while walking down some stairs into a dance move. Beyoncé almost fell down some steps during the the On the Run II tour’s Nashville stop on Thursday, Aug. 23. The key word being: almost. Oh, and she took things one step (pun not intended) further and added a little flourish at the end of the not-fall once she was done not falling. Some fans who attended Bey and JAY-Z’s show that evening documented the moment, put the recordings online, and let Bey’s instantly iconic save make the internet rounds.

At the start of the clips, Queen Bey stands at the top of a flight of stairs in the middle of the stage. With her mic in her hand and the long train of her dress billowing behind her, she begins to walk down the steps. Step number one goes off without a hitch. Same thing for step number two. Step number three, however? Step number three is where everything would go wrong for any regular ol’ plebe. That is not the case for Queen Bey.

When Queen Bey takes that third step, things start to go awry. As she puts her right foot down on the step, her heel begins to wobble. But she does not fall. Instead, she bends both of her knees and catches her balance. And she doesn’t just catch her balance. She catches her balance, pops up with her arms out like a Sky Dancer about to take flight, and kicks her leg out. The combination of moves more or less says, “Oh, you thought a set of stairs could get the best of me? Take that, gravity. And please enjoy the rest of tonight’s On the Run II performance, gravity.”

As impressive and important as this moment is, it should not come as too big a surprise. There is no one who handles losing their footing in the middle of a performance like Bey. Remember when she stumbled while playing the Super Bowl 50 halftime show only to recover without ever touching the ground or missing a beat? Or when she and Solange both took a spill during Bey’s Coachella set in April but promptly covered up the fall with impromptu floor choreography?

Or when she tumbled down a flight of stairs in the middle of a concert back in 2007 only to jump up, retrieve the mic she dropped, and carry on with the show without missing a single lyric like she just didn’t tumble down a flight of stairs? Even when she falls to the ground, Queen Bey wins.

Meanwhile, some of us *looks directly at mirror* do things like trip on an almost nonexistent crack in a relatively even sidewalk while wearing sneakers with flat soles, topple to the ground, land on an exposed tree root knees-first, and spend the next week limping around.

Anyway, may gravity eventually learn that Queen Bey is usually one step (OK, pun intended this time) ahead.

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