Big Brother All-Stars Blowout: Final 5 Emerge — Plus, First Look Inside Jury House After Triple Eviction

With the endgame in sight, everyone is looking to see who they can trust and which deals are real as Tyler and Christmas make their last pleas to stay.

It’s go time on “Big Brother All-Stars” with only five Houseguests set to survive the night’s single eviction. The numbers are so small, everyone has no choice but to analyze every single relationship they have to see who they believe is true and who’s ready to take a shot.

The disadvantage of playing the game the way The Committee did this season is that everyone left is a beast at this game, so there’s no easy path to victory.

Big Brother All-Stars Blowout: Tyler and Christmas Lie for Their Lives

Even Nicole, who many see as the least competitive among the remaining finalists, has a history of comp wins her in her previous two seasons, including five HOH wins and two Vetoes. She may not have done much this season yet, but she’s certainly capable of it and has come close to victory many times.

Plus, she’s won this game already as a returning player in her second season, which is even more challenging, so don’t count her out.

Cody is a comp beast across both his seasons, with six this season and six in his previous run to a 2nd place finish. Tyler picked up four wins this season and six in his previous 2nd place season, making these two pretty evenly matched on the threat level.

It’s been a little longer since Enzo and Memphis have played, but Enzo already has three wins this season (compared to only one his previous time playing (and he still came in 3rd) and Memphis four (he had three in his prior season, coming in 2nd).

Really, only Christmas had to prove she was as strong as she said she was, having spent most of her first season on crutches after an in-house injury. Even then, she got two HOH wins late in that season and five comp wins this summer, proving she’s the comp beast she always said she was.

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Eenie Meenie Miney Mo

In other words, there are no easy paths to victory. So the first question of the night was who was the biggest threat and biggest roadblock to the end out of Christmas and Tyler. She’s won more comps than him this season (having played in much fewer of them), while he’s won more overall.

In the end, with comp threats a wash almost across the board, it comes down to trust and loyalty. All season long, this house has been filled with overlapping alliances and Final 2 deals everywhere. Cody had to keep his nominations the same because he has Final 2 with everyone not on the Block.

It comes down to which deals are more real to which players, and in this case it really came down to The Root, the early-game Final 2 deal between Enzo and Cody. Nobody knows about it, which has enabled Enzo to receive information from all over the house and bring it back to Cody, seen as more of a Committee loyalist.

That meant that when Tyler started brewing up a lie that Cody was coming after Enzo in the house, he pretty much sealed his fate. Enzo told Cody and they realized that Tyler couldn’t be trusted for their long-term game.

Tyler had not been solidifying a lot of alliances, because his lies with everyone in the house cost him the last time. Little did he know that half the house was playing his strategy this year, and as all-stars, they could better separate game from feelings.

In the end, it was a Tyler landslide, as the house decided he was the overall bigger threat than Christmas. Competition-wise, they might be even or she might even have a slighter edge. But he’s a better strategist and a better liar, so they made the right call.

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Who's Targeting Who

The Head of Household competition did not wrap by the end of the hour, and it’s result is going to be so crucial as to how this game plays out from this point forward. But we can still speculate as to who would be targeted, depending on which of the Final 5 wins.

Christmas would likely put up Cody and Nicole, honoring her Wise Guys alliance with Memphis and Enzo. She is nothing if not loyal to whatever alliance means the most to her at the time.

Cody can’t win HOH this week, but if he had the power, we suspect he would target Christmas and Memphis as the two people he feels the least loyalty from. And he’s not wrong to feel that way, as both see him as the biggest threat in the house now (and he is).

Enzo would probably nominate Christmas and Memphis, keeping his Final 2 deal with Cody strong. In fact, that Final 2 is why we don’t think he’d cut Nicole loose just yet, as he knows Cody wants her in the house and she’s not seen as a real threat.

Memphis would put up Nicole and Cody, we’re certain. He’s looking to take out people he thinks he can’t beat at the end, and he has no deal with Nicole (who he’d target). He’s the most maverick of those left, so we could see him respecting Christmas’ comp threat and targeting her as well.

Nicole would be thrilled to win anything, and if she did we suspect she’d want to be loyal to those who’ve protected her this far in the game. Christmas targeted her during the triple, so that’s an obvious one, and more than likely Memphis would be next to her.

So it kind of looks like there’s a trio in the house battling against a duo. Cody, Enzo and Nicole all seem to be working toward the same results, which would be bad news for Nicole as she’s not breaking up that Final 2.

Memphis and Christmas are working together as Wise Guys. We know he’s willing to cut her, so it’s not a strong alliance, and Christmas’ closest ally just got voted out, so both have to be feeling pretty vulnerable.

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Houseguest Report Cards

Enzo Palumbo has no enemies in the house and a strong Final 2 with the biggest competitor in the house. He’s still got Nicole’s grateful appreciation for saving him in the triple, and he’s in a Final 3 deal with Memphis and Christmas. No one should be coming after him. Grade: A+

Cody Calafiore rises back to the top after Tyler’s eviction, as that strengthens his game more than he knows. He’ll surely be targeted if Memphis or Christmas wins, but he’s got two allies in his corner and fighting for him. He’s had the best position in the house, and he’s now easily the biggest comp threat there, so he can control his own destiny, as well. Grade: A

Nicole Franzel is in a good spot in the house, depending on how the HOH competition goes. If Memphis or Christmas wins, she’ll go on the block. But she’s got more allies than they do, so she’s got a shot. But her game is the most up in the air right now depending on what happens next. Grade: C+

Memphis Garrett is a strong competitor and a savvy social player. But he’s also not built trust among even his own allies, save perhaps Christmas. As such, he’s got more people in the house gunning for him than not. Of those left, he’s one of those players you take the shot at if you can. Grade: D

Christmas Abbot remains in the crosshairs because of the Nicole vote, though she’s far less of a threat right now. The only reason she falls below Memphis is because of his Final 3 deal with Enzo and Cody. So if they or Nicole wins HOH, there’s reason to knock Christmas out first so as to not create an enemy out of Memphis in the final weeks. Grade: D-

Tyler Crispen played too hard and not hard enough. He didn’t build enough strong alliances and didn’t manage them. He was in the shadow of his loss last time, and why he lost, and it cost him this game. Missing the shot at Nicole and then lying to Enzo against Cody pretty much sealed his fate — but as he said, he had to try! Grade: F

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Jury House Chatter

  • “To me it seems like Dani is in everything, so maybe she’s the best player right now.” –Ian
  • “Yes, she is. Hands down.” –Da’Vonne
  • “She looked me dead in the face and said, ‘I swear I didn’t do it. I swear.’ And then I get a goodbye message, and the goodbye message said she flipped.” –Da’Vonne
  • “I mean, can you blame her?” –Ian
  • “I can, on my end.” –Da’Vonne (on a personal level)
  • “Once again, I trusted her and once again she snaked me. Janelle, you were right.” –Da’Vonne
  • “The main reason I’m in the Jury House is I was playing a much better game than Nicole. She’s not a threat to anobyd. That’s all it comes down to.” –Dani
  • “My three picks, all of them, are in the Jury House.” –Da’Vonne (after Kevin, David and Dani show up)
  • “I feel like I should be gaining respect for people’s gameplay, I’m losing respect. Like Enzo, come on, you had a shot.” –Kevin (watching David voted out 3-2)
  • “She wants to be the last girl standing. And she probably will be.” –Da’Vonne (about Nicole)
  • “I feel more betrayed than ever in this game.” –Dani (watching her eviction)
  • “I think Cody’s playing the best game of everyone who’s left in the house.” –Dani

House Chatter

  • “I have to do my best to get two votes to stay in this house. I honestly think their best move is to vote me out. But I’m pretty sure I have Enzo.” –Tyler (no, he doesn’t)
  • “We’re going to have a good week, man. We’re going to party.” –Christmas
  • “Her days are numbered.” –Enzo (about Christmas)
  • “If you guys change last minute, I don’t care, I ‘ll do whatever. I’m just saying, I think strategically, he has to go.” –Nicole (about Tyler)
  • “I’m definitely leaning towards voting you out. It has nothing to do with anything other than you’re a beast and you scare me.” –Memphis (to Tyler)
  • “If I stay, it’s 4-1. If I go, it’s 3-2.” –Tyler (trying to convince Cody to save him)
  • “Right now I’m gonna tell him what he needs to hear to keep him at bay.” -Cody (about Tyler)
  • “I have a hard time thinking why not jump on the opportunity.” –Memphis (to Cody about Tyler)
  • “Everytime I’m talking to Memphis about Christmas I know he’s full of it to some degree because he created a Wise Guys alliance with her and Enzo. I’m like, dude, you’re lying right to my face and we’re supposed to be working together to the end of this game so what’s the deal. Memphis is a snake in this game and I don’t trust him.” –Cody
  • “In my head, the Wise Guys was never a real thing, it was like a backup. However, in his head it is a real thing and he’s trying to use it to get to the end of the game. The sneaky Meow Meow is just trying to milk him for any information I can get out of him and use it for my advantage.” –Enzo
  • “He wants Nicole out next week.” –Enzo
  • “He tells me he wants Christmas out.” –Cody
  • “His Final 2 deal has to be with Christmas because he knows she’ll take him to the end of this game.” –Enzo
  • “So the only way to avoid that is to clip Christmas this week.” –Cody
  • “It was worth a shot.” –Tyler (after he told the house voting him out would be bad for their games, and they did it anyway)
  • “We had a lot of people double-, triple-dipping, I guess. That’s what I did last time so I didn’t even want to do it this time.” –Tyler (after goodbye messages revealed layered alliances)

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