Bikini Wardrobe Malfunctions, Bathing Suit Nip Slips


If there’s one thing gossip mags love, it’s a good old picture of a celebrity on a beach. Whether they’re frolicking around in Cali or enjoying a much-needed vacation, celebs always seem to be by an ocean somewhere. And with their amazing bodies, why not show them off?

Some stars hate the paparazzi, which is understandable — we’d be mortified if someone took photos of us anywhere, especially the beach, without our consent. Others don’t seem to mind (and even occasionally call the paps to set up photo opps). Either way, they always seem to be there to get pics.

When you’re a female on the beach, though, sometimes stuff gets shifted around more than you intended. And of course, if you’re a celeb, the paparazzi capture it with the cameras. Check out our gallery to see which stars had a wardrobe malfunction caught on film…while in a bikini.

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