Black Pride is postponed – LGBTQ+ community must stay connected during lockdown

Amid the rapid growth of the coronavirus pandemic, UK Black Pride has taken the decision to postpone their annual event until further notice.

The cancellation or postponement of any event, festival, or gig that you had been looking forward to is always heartbreaking, but for many, the indefinite postponement of UK Black Pride will be particularly tough.

If you are a person of colour and part of the LGBTQ+ community, you are a member of two marginalised groups, and as such, events like UK Black Pride can be a lifeline. So, organisers are keen to stress how important it is for members of this community to find other ways to connect during this difficult time.

‘There is an end to this virus and to this social disruption and confusion,’ reads a statement from the UK Black Prdie team. ‘We ask all of you to not only practice self-care, but community care. We need each other.

‘Because of COVID-19, we are having to postpone our annual celebration of and for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people of African, Asian, Caribbean, Latin American and Middle Eastern descent.’

The statement explains that the coronavirus is only making life harder for queer people of colour in the UK.

It adds that COVID-19, and the lockdowns and policies, will ‘disproportionately impact Black women, our elders, immigrants, refugees and people of colour in ways we all know too well already.’

Organisers say that they know how many people need a space like UK Black Pride to celebrate who they are, particularly in times of social upheaval.

‘So, the team at UK Black Pride is exploring other ways to bring our communities together; to amplify the great work taking place across our communities to combat loneliness, isolation and ill mental health; and to provide opportunities for connection, joy and laughter,’ continues the statement.

‘Importantly, each of us is staying at home to do our part to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.’

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