Blackpool hotel reports customer to Tripadvisor after 'unjust' review

Blackpool hotel reports a customer to Tripadvisor following ‘unjust’ one-star review after the guest took one look at ‘dingy’ room then left

  • Blackpool hotel has reported customer’s ‘unjust’ one-star review to Tripadvisor 
  • Guest reportedly took one look at their ‘dingy’ room then left to book elsewhere
  • But the shocked owners of the Bella Vista Lodge hit back in a response
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A Blackpool hotel has reported a customer’s ‘unjust’ one-star review to Tripadvisor and offered a matter-of-fact response to the guest, who took one look at their ‘dingy’ room then left.

The tourist, named only as Ken, rated Bella Vista Lodge in Blackpool, Lancashire, as just one star out of five on the review website following a brief experience.

But the shocked owners of the hotel – which is ranked on Tripadvisor as the number one ‘special inn’ to stay in the town – hit back in a response which has since been shared around online.

The guest suggested they were disappointed by their basement room and the hotel’s location, having booked the place to see the Blackpool lights and prepaid £132.00 for two nights.

A tourist named Ken rated the Bella Vista Lodge in Blackpool (pictured) with one star, to which the owner called him out for an labelled it ‘unjust’

They said: ‘The room was down in a basement reached by narrow uncared for steps. The room itself was dingy and in need of a complete redecoration and replacement of the sad carpet.

‘Parking in the area is a nightmare and carpark charges are high. We decided to not even stay at the Bella Vista Lodge.

The reviewer explained: ‘We went to the Tourist Information Office and managed to book into The Blackpool FC Hotel which was £85.40 for two people including breakfast/parking and our small dog.’

The owners of the Bella Vista Lodge – who have reportedly had over 200 guests speak highly of their seaside hotel – responded.

The guest, named Ken, left a review of the hotel calling it out as being ‘dingy’ and ‘in need of a complete redecoration’ 

Replying to the apparently rare negative review, the owners wrote: ‘Thank you Ken for your review.  Our large king room has recently been decorated and, as other guests have stated on their reviews, is a lovely spacious room with its own entrance.

‘In relation to parking, I checked the streets nearby for a space for you, and advised where the nearest cheaper car parks are, as the one at the end of our street is around £20 for 48 hours.  You don’t mention any of this in your review and give me 1 star for service!’ 

Responding to the poor review, the owner’s of the seaside hotel called Ken’s comments ‘unjust’ and proceeded to tell him where he was wrong 

And if missing out information wasn’t bad enough, the owners went on to explain to Ken why their hotel was not to be sniffed at. 

They wrote: ‘Regarding facilities, the room has a fridge, coffee machine, iron/ironing board, hair dryer, superior hospitality tray including Piper crisps and galaxy hot chocolate, 40” smart TV, again no mention of this in your review!

‘The Blackpool FC Hotel is a 15 minute walk away from the centre, which is why you will have found parking much easier. We take all feedback on board, however yours is unjust, so I have reported your review to Tripadvisor. Regards, Paul.’

This seems to have been a one-off negative review for the Blackpool hotel and other guests have left much more positive feedback. 

This seems to have been a one-off negative review for the Blackpool hotel and other guests have left much more positive feedback. One even said that they would be booking the hotel again

One guest wrote: ‘Absolute fantastic stay at Bella Vista Lodge. We were greeted by Dan, a lovely upgrade as a Birthday surprise! Our room was spacious, warm, immaculately spotless!

‘Lots of clean towels, huge TV and the most comfortable bed I’ve slept in. Do not hesitate booking here, you will not be disappointed. Thank you for our lovely 2 night stay.’

Another said: ‘Brilliant stay so friendly and helpful, close to everything we need. Bed super comfortable, room excellent standard, clean and fresh. Can’t wait to stay again. We definitely be back. Looking at when we be booking again.’

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