Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani’s New TV Show Plans Revealed Amid Marriage Rumors — Reality Show?

At home with Blake and Gwen?! Well… maybe. One of our fave celeb couples, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani, may be planning to work on another show together, other than ‘The Voice!’

As rumors swirl that Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are planning to tie the knot, we hear there may be another deal in the works — a TV deal, that is! While Gwen and Blake aren’t planning to give up their red chairs on The Voice, a source told EXCLUSIVELY that the pair are definitely interested in working together on another show! “Blake and Gwen have so many outside obligations besides their singing careers, but they’d do [another show] because they are very interested in branching out to those other opportunities because it is fun and obviously lucrative,” an insider close to the couple told HL. “They have been pitched on many occasions and asked to do a reality show together, but they don’t have much interest in that, but they are very interested in working on another show together, either on camera, off camera or both.” Well, we’d love to see that!

Blake Shelton definitely doesn’t seem like the reality TV show type, but recall Gwen and Blake started as friends on The Voice, and found comfort in each other’s arms as they both went through heartbreaking divorces at the same time. Now, they’re one of music’s hottest couples, and have been together for the last three years! They clearly have a great track record working together on TV, and there’s no denying people love their love. “Blake & Gwen got the feel of it when they worked together on The Voice and really liked what came from that and they are interested in pursuing many opportunities together because when they do things with each other it always seems to be a success,” the source added. Let’s make this happen! reached out to representatives for both Gwen and Blake for this story.

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