Bloke makes £30,000 a month posing naked with his dad on OnlyFans

A bloke has shocked Twitter users by posing with his father on kinky subscription site OnlyFans – and he’s making a fortune from it.

Jake Herbert never meant to become an x-rated star, but joined the website when he needed money.

OnlyFans allows content creators to share naked images and videos with their fans who pay a monthly amount to access the snaps.

Creators can also interact with their fans to get tips, make paid requests and even receive gifts.

Jake was working as a naked butler in Ibiza when he signed up but requests for naked photos poured in quickly.

The lad told the BBC: "I was like, ‘Alright then, how much?’ And they actually started putting some not bad figures on.”

His account quickly grew and Jake found himself making a huge £6-7,000 every single month.

That adds up to between £72,000 and £84,000 a year for the cheeky content.

But, things hotted up and the money came flooding in when Jake got his dad involved.

The young lad started by posting some topless photos of himself and his father after they visited the gym and it “just went mental”.

Jake added: "I knew to get to the next level I’d have to do something that would really get everyone talking.

"At the beginning he was like, ‘How are we making so much money?’

"He was getting bits of banter from where he was working and he was umming and ahhing about it, and I was like, ‘Dad, we just need to make this money. It’s not that we’re actually doing anything’."

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The 26-year-old persuaded his dad to get on board and now makes up to £30,000 a month taking his annual income up to around £360,000.

But, he doesn’t divvy up the cash equally and instead gives his dad the odd £100.

He noted: "I know I should [pay him more], but I started the thing.

"It’s my page and I built it up."

Jake claims he doesn’t care what people think about his posts because he knew it would lead to a big payout and get him more subscribers.

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