Boyfriend greets female pal with kiss on the lips and I don't like it

DEAR DEIDRE: MY boyfriend kisses his best female friend on the mouth and I don’t think it’s normal.

We have been together for a year and they’ve been friends since school.

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Whenever he sees her, he greets her with a kiss on the lips.

It is a peck, not a snog, and he says goodbye the same way.

I am 27 and they are both 28.

He says he loves her as a friend but he is not in love with her, and I believe him.

She’s always been lovely to me, and I like her.

He told me they did have an on-off relationship when they were teenagers, but they never dated seriously, and she now has a fiancé.

Still, the kissing makes me feel uncomfortable, and I want to tell him to stop.

And I know he would hate it if I kissed my male friends.

Am I being fair or just totally overreacting?

DEIDRE SAYS: Some people do kiss their friends and family members on the lips.

There’s nothing sexual about it.

It’s just the way they show affection.

But if it’s making you unhappy and insecure, then you need to tell your boyfriend how you feel about it.

My support pack Looking After Your Relationship will help you to communicate better, so you can agree boundaries jointly.

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