‘Braxton Family Values’ Preview: Traci Crashes Trina’s Double Date With Her New Man — Watch

Surprise! Trina Braxton’s double date with her new boyfriend and Towanda doesn’t go as planned when Traci crashes the party as Towanda’s date in this EXCLUSIVE ‘Braxton Family Values’ preview!

Trina Braxton, 43, is so excited for her sister Towanda, 44, to meet her new man on their double date in this EXCLUSIVE sneak peek of the April 26 episode of Braxton Family Values. But Towanda has one heck of a surprise for Trina — Traci’s coming along for the dinner! When Traci, 46, walks in, Trina is beyond shocked. Traci immediately introduces herself to Trina’s boyfriend. Meanwhile, Trina is sitting there speechless.

Trina gives Towanda some major side-eye at the table. She then apologizes to her date for throwing him into the “lion’s den” with her sisters. This is not how she thought her night was going to go! “I’m going to need some more wine,” Trina’s new man says. The pressure is on, that’s for sure! “It’s never good when I introduce my sisters to anyone that I’m dating because they just don’t know how to act!” Trina says. When it comes to interrogating the men Trina’s dating, her sisters are trained professionals at that!

“Why are you squeezing my leg so hard?” Trina’s man asks. She tries to play it off, but Towanda knows her sister is nervous. Towanda and Traci both look like they are having so much fun making their sister squirm a little. But it’s all in good fun! They only want what’s best for Trina.

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