Bride ‘almost orgasms on dancefloor’ after wearing sex toy controlled by husband

A bride revealed how she almost orgasmed on the dancefloor while wearing a secret vibrator.

The wife claimed she had a sex toy on her which was being controlled by her new husband.

And things could have taken an awkward turn as the couple's wedding was extremely traditional.

The bride's nan attended the ceremony which took place in Australia after having an initial ceremony in the US.

But since it was their second wedding, the pair decided to jazz things up.

So the husband thought the best way to do this was to buy his new wife a secret vibrator he could control.

The woman agreed to the kinky addition with her partner buying the device just days before the reception, reports Body and Soul.

They tested the device to make sure the "sound level was discreet" and the husband controlled the sex toy all night long.

The bride said: "This (after marrying my husband of course) was the best decision I made about our wedding day.

"At first it was subtle – enough so I could feel it and for me to stumble on my words as it was turned on unexpectedly."

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She detailed: "But it wasn't on so intensely that I couldn't regain my composure."

Then as the bride stood up to say a few words, the groom took his opportunity to slightly crank up the settings.

She added: "When this began I completely lost my place and began to wriggle around like I needed to desperately go to the toilet."

As soon as she'd finished the speech, he turned it back down, but she felt vibrations all throughout the night.

And the couple's kinky idea almost led the woman to reach the big-O in front of all her family and friends.

The bride admitted: "This was where I nearly orgasmed in the middle of the dancefloor, literally surrounded by family and friends."

By the end of the night, the bride decided to take it off.

And she claimed it was the "best foreplay" of her life.

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