Bride divides people as she calls friend ‘selfish’ for dropping out of wedding

Weddings are generally thought of as events that are full of happiness, laughter and love.

They also usually come with a side portion of some form of drama.

Whether the bride gets delayed, someone messes up the flowers or a guest dares to turn up wearing white (our advice is – don't) – there is the potential for quite a few things to go wrong.

Recently one bride told of how she was left frustrated a few days before her wedding after she found out that one of her pals wasn't going to attend the big day due to last-minute change of plans.

To add to the drams, another friend claimed they weren't going to be drinking at the big bash, and now the internet has been left torn as to whether the bride was right to kick up a fuss about it all.

Posting to Reddit, the bride said: “I need to vent.

“Our wedding is in six days and I just found out one of our good family friends might not come anymore because the wife is having a procedure tomorrow as they want to have a baby (I assume IUI or IVF but I have no idea).”

The bride went onto explain she was left annoyed with the sudden plan change, as the friend actually knew about her big day 16 months ago and noted the date on the calendar.

“They chose that day to have this procedure?!" she continued.

“We’ve also already paid for their meals, and they haven’t even said anything to us – I heard this from someone else.”

As well as this, she mentioned that another friend told her she would be off the booze at the wedding as she was also trying to conceive.

She said: "None of them are staying at the hotel either with the rest of the guests.

"Instead, they’re staying at their parents’ house which is an hour away.”

Despite posting the rant, the bride said she knows plans can change and understands that “life happens", but she remained annoyed by the lack of care shown.

"We went to all their weddings and were super excited for them, and now that our wedding is here it feels like it’s not a priority to them at all," she added.

"It sucks coming to the realisation that no one’s ever going to be as excited about your wedding as you are."

Some users of the sharing platform thought the bride was a bit over the top.

One person wrote: "I don’t drink often and if someone was angry that I wasn’t drinking, I would no longer be their friend.

"I wouldn’t even come to the wedding."

Although, others were on the other side of the fence, as a second person commented: "I was on her side at the beginning with being pissed that six days away they find out through someone else that two people aren’t planning to come and hadn’t let them know.

"But the rest was just bulls***."

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