Bride says she should have never got married after bridesmaids’ savage reactions

Weddings are supposed to be a day of declaring love and celebrating with loved ones.

So looking back on the snaps of the big day can instantly bring back happy memories.

However, if the marriage breaks apart – pictures are the last thing you want to be looking at.

Despite her relationship breakdown, one woman has shared some hilarious snaps of her bridesmaids who clearly predicted the unhappy future between the pair.

Taking to TikTok under the username @finleybb, the woman sifted through her wedding photos and first explained: “When you never should have gotten married and it was on everyone’s faces but you did it anyways…”

The woman then shared a snap of her donning her white dress on the big day along with a beaming smile.

However, her happiness was not shared by all at the wedding.

All sporting burgundy lace dresses, the bridesmaids looked like they would rather be anywhere else.

The woman then shared three snaps of her bridal party.

Hilariously, each bridesmaid looked less than impressed as they frowned and stared blankly watching their friend getting hitched.

Almost like they knew the marriage was not bound to last forever!

Since being posted two days ago, the video has now racked up 689,000 views and 66,000 likes.

Stunned by the bridesmaid’s reactions, people fled to the comments to share their thoughts on the awkward wedding snaps.

One person commented: “They’re real friends, they wanted to get there for you no matter what!”

Another user added: “Those are the faces of ‘she’s gotta figure this one out on her own’.”

A third person said: “It’s funny because everyone then would have prob called the, “haters”, but they just knew.”

Someone else stated: “I’m glad I woke up and ended things before I put my friends and family through a sham of a wedding.”

Meanwhile, a fifth person joked: “They looked like they were at a funeral.”

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