Bride-to-be asks her guests to COMPETE in a photography contest

Bride-to-be reveals she’s asked her guests to COMPETE in a photography contest so she doesn’t have to pay for a professional – but others warn ‘that’s not the place to cut corners’

  • An anonymous US bride slammed for using guests as photographers on big day
  • Tried to cut costs by organizing a ‘photography’ competition among attendees
  • People told how she will be left with mountain of bad pictures taken with phones

A bride-to-be has been criticized for suggesting her wedding guests all compete to capture the best picture on her wedding day – so she can cut back on the cost of hiring a professional photographer.  

The unnamed woman, believed to be based in the US, took to That’s It, I’m Wedding Shaming Facebook group, and told how she did not want to fork out for a professional photographer for her wedding. 

She said she planned to ask her guests to take part in a competition to see who would snap the best pictures, and offered a prize at the end to reward their efforts. 

And many were quick to take to the comments section to slam the idea – with the majority adding the bride-to-be would end up with terrible pictures of her special day.  

An anonymous bride-to-be, from the US, took to a Facebook group and told how she wanted her wedding guests to all compete to capture the best picture from her best day – so she could cut back on the costs of hiring a professional. Pictured, stock image

In the initial post, the bride-to-be penned: ‘Has anyone NOT had a photographer. We’re thinking about saving $ by having a “best photo competition” so having ALL our guests take photos from every angle and having a prize as motivation to take good pictures.’

She then asked the group for their ‘thoughts’ on her suggestion.  

And many were left unimpressed – particularly professional photographers who were members of the social media group.

‘On behalf of wedding photographers everywhere: Good luck with that,’ wrote one, while a second penned: ‘I mean if you don’t want good pictures of your wedding, that’s on you. Seems silly.’

The bride shared her idea in another group and told how she wanted to offer a ‘prize’ for the best picture (pictured)

A third added: ‘Only if you don’t want good pictures,’ while a fourth commented: ‘Oof that’s not the place to cut corners IMO.’

Another joked they wanted to see ‘the end result,’ while a further penned: ‘Who needs fancy lighting when Aunt Sue has 6 beers and an iPhone 7.’

Elsewhere, one person suggested the competitive nature of the bride’s idea could lead to her wedding pictures being ruined by overzealous guests. 

‘It is all fun and games until guests are getting in the way as you walk down the aisle or your first dance due to their competitive nature,’ wrote one.

A second added: ‘You have guests ruin professional shots as it is….I can’t imagine what kind of s*** show this would produce.’

People could not help but feel the bride’s idea would result in terrible snaps of her special day (pictured) 

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