British holidaymaker ‘finds live maggot’ wriggling in burger on Tui holiday

A revolted British tourist says he was ready to fly home after allegedly spotting a live maggot crawling in his burger after already taking a bite.

Luke Whatley was on his £1,600 four-star Tui holiday with his girlfriend when he claims the horror unfolded.

He says he couldn’t believe his eyes when he allegedly spotted the lively larva 'doing the worm' inside the chicken burger served at DIT Evrika Beach Club hotel in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria.

Call centre worker Luke, 26, and girlfriend Hannah Coughlin, immediately lost their appetites when they reportedly made the grim discovery at the hotel’s buffet restaurant one lunchtime.

Despite paying for an all-inclusive stay, the pair couldn’t bear the thought of eating another morsel there and claim to have instead forked out £700 on food during their two-week stay.

In a bid to cut costs, Luke and law student Hannah, 22, skipped meals and even resorted to nibbling on crisps and biscuits bought from a nearby shop.

The couple also claim they were repeatedly served ‘undercooked’ chicken, coffee-making facilities in their room were not working and they even failed to get the sea view they paid extra for.

TUI UK has since apologised to Luke and reassured their customers that they regularly conduct 'health and safety audits including hygiene' at the hotels they feature.

Luke, from Newbridge, South Wales, said: “I took one bite of the burger, looked and it and the maggot was crawling inside.

"It was wriggling – literally doing the worm. I was disgusted, it completely put me off.

“There was just the one but one is all you need to lose your appetite.

“I spat out what was in my mouth and Hannah stopped eating as well. She had ordered pizza but obviously when she saw that she couldn’t eat hers either.

“We left the restaurant and went out for food. I was too fuming to see the rep at that point, I didn't want to say anything I would regret.

“A day or two later we went to the TUI rep and I emailed her a picture of the burger. She said she would contact the hygiene manager of the hotel and register a complaint for me.”

He added: “We went to lunch and had Chinese food just down from the hotel. After what happened with the burger I was examining everything on my plate.

“It put a dampener on the day generally. I was fuming about that and I’d already made my mind up that I wasn't going to eat there again.

“We basically lived off English breakfasts, burgers and Chinese food during our stay and ended up spending £700 on food and drink.

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