Bungie Previews ‘Destiny 2: Warmind’ Changes, Like Heroic Strikes With Rotating Modifiers

Community complaints of ‘Destiny 2’ addressed with release of ‘Warmind’ expansion next week.

Destiny 2: Warmind launches next week and will represent a significant shift in how the game plays on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Bungie provided a preview of some of those changes on Thursday with the promise of the full slate of details to drop alongside the Warmind expansion release next week.

The Warmind and the start of Season 3 in Destiny 2 starts Tuesday, May at 2 p.m. ET/11 a.m. PT across all platforms. The Xbox One will need 50 GB of space to download the game, while the PC requires 68 GB and the PS4 will eat up the most at 71 GB.

Bungie did not have much time between the release of Destiny 2 to the PC and the launch of the Curse of Osiris expansion at the start of December, 2017, to make significant changes to the game. That led to a huge amount of disappointment among the fanbase that does not appear to be repeated with the release of Warmind. The developers are addressing several major complaints from the community with this release, even though more comments will still be outstanding.

As previously covered, Ranked Crucible matches are coming with seasonal rewards and there is also the ability to play private matches. Additionally, the Exotic weapons are getting an overhaul, plus receiving Masterwork variants. Bungie has also previewed the horde-like end-game mode, Escalation Protocol, which will be available in the Mars Hellas Basin play space with its own unique set of rewards.

Heroic Strikes

One of the biggest welcome changes is bringing rotating modifiers to Heroic Strikes in an effort to make them as enjoyable as they were in the original Destiny. Bungie is mixing things up a little bit by giving the playlist three modifiers. There will be a Burn modifier that rotates weekly combined with an Advantage modifier and Disadvantage modifier that will rotate daily.

Here is what will be available to start:


  • Arc Singe: +25 percent Arc damage increase (outgoing and incoming).
  • Solar Singe: +25 percent Solar damage increase (outgoing and incoming).
  • Void Singe: +25 percent Void damage increase (outgoing and incoming).


  • Brawler: Double melee recharge rate and damage.
  • Grenadier: Double grenade ability recharge rate and damage.
  • Heavyweight: Triple Power ammo drop rate, double Power weapon damage.


  • Glass: Players Health and Shields are halved, but recharge rates are doubled.
  • Blackout: Radar is disabled, and enemies do 20x increased melee damage.
  • Iron: Enemies no longer stagger, and health pools are increased by 50 percent.
  • Grounded: Players take 5x damage while airborne.

Nightfall Strikes Challenge Card

Destiny 2 players will have the opportunity to upgrade their Rare Challenge Card to a Legendary Challenge Card via Xur starting with the Warmind release. The Legendary Cards will allow the selection of one Burn modifier, one Advantage or Disadvantage modifier, and two additional Disadvantages.

Nightfall players will be able to select the burns from the Heroic Strike modifier list plus the following that are unique to the Legendary Challenge Card:

  • Extinguish: Return the fireteam to orbit on a wipe.
  • Famine: Ammo drops reduced by 50 percent.
  • Match Game: Players must match their damage type to the enemy shield type.
  • Attrition: Health regen is slowed greatly, and enemies drop health orbs.
  • Momentum: Health regenerates only when the player is moving.

Vault Space and More

Meanwhile, some of the smaller fixes include:

  • Increased Vault space to 300 items.
  • New “Pursuits” inventory category for quest-style items.
  • Ability to equip and select up to four emotes.
  • Players with multiple characters of the same class will only receive Raid and Raid Lair rewards once per class.
  • New Leviathan Guide emblem and unique Aura for completing a Raid via Guided Games, plus a reward of a Bright Engram once a week for completing.
  • New in-game audio settings to adjust the volumes of music, chat, in-game dialogue, sound effects.

Prismatic Matrix

Eververse has been one of the least favorite aspects of Destiny 2. However, Bungie is adding a new Prismatic Matrix with Warmind and Season 3. This item features a knockout list of 10 Eververse items that rotate on a weekly basis. Players can use this to guarantee rewards versus the completely random nature of Bright Engrams before.

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