Busker delights 86-year-old pensioner who bursts out dancing to his Elvis cover

When busker Jason Allan decided to perform a famous Elvis song, he didn’t anticipate his biggest fan to be an 86-year-old woman.

Jason, who is a TV judge on BBC One’s All Together Now, was singing Can’t Help Falling in Love which caught the attention of pensioner Daphne.

Daphne couldn’t help but tap her feet to the famous song and burst out dancing, smiling at the crowd and waving her hands.

And because she’s a health-conscious queen, Daphne was seen wearing a mask while busting her moves, using her walking cane.

Jason had a mate film the whole thing as a delighted Daphne is seen front row, vibing to the music.

Talented singer Jason had spotted Daphne enjoying his music a few times while busking and even dedicated the Elvis song to her.

His video has been viewed more than nine million times on TikTok and also received a lot of love on Instagram.

Daphne was filmed dancing to the musician’s dulcet tones and even skipped away in bliss.

Unfortunately, though, Jason wasn’t able to chat with her any further and has since been looking for her.

On his Instagram, he wrote: ‘I’m overwhelmed at how such a simple video can be loved and shared by so many people!

‘Mark my words I’m trying my best to find Daphne and let her know how much joy she has spread around the world.’

‘Daphne is a regular and I’ve seen her over the years,’ Jason tells Metro.co.uk.

‘However, this is the first time we spoke. She came up to me and instantly she was one of those people with the biggest personality.

‘Daphne asked me if I could play a song for her. Instead of telling me which one, she started singing it to me and I sang it back, she said “that’s the one” and I decided to set it up.’

Unfortunately, Jason hasn’t been reunited with Daphne just yet but he still looks out for her in a crowd.

For now, he’s appreciative of Daphne’s enthusiasm.

‘It was a beautiful moment,’ he added.

‘I was so in the moment, so in awe of watching her. She was vibing to me. I was vibing to her. She and I were just sharing a moment.’

Jason tells us he gets a lot of older listeners who enjoy his songs.

‘I don’t know if it’s because the older generation is more chilled and happy to stop for five minutes and enjoy the music.’

Come on, young people, pay attention to the things around you.

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