Candice Bergen Once Dated Donald Trump And It Was A Total Bust

The ‘Murphy Brown’ star spilled the tea to Stephen Colbert.

Murphy Brown star Candice Bergen revealed she once went on a date with Donald Trump and that it was a total bust.

Bergen, who spoke to Stephen Colbert on The Late Show on September 26 revealed that she was “very young” when she had her encounter with the now president of the United States.

“I was very young,” said the 72-year-old actress, who stars in the Murphy Brown revival.

“I was about 18 and ― Trump and I are about the same age, or as he would point out, I’m about six months older. And it was when I was at Penn,” she remarked.

Colbert noted that her iconic television character Murphy Brown once went out on a date with Trump, then asked if Bergen herself had done so.

“I was home very early,” she recalled. as reported by The Huffington Post.

“I might have invented this because it’s so perfect, but I think he was wearing a burgundy suit with a burgundy vest and a burgundy patent leather boots and was in a burgundy limousine,” she said. “And so it was kind of a symphony of burgundy.”

She then called the date “a dud” and revealed she was home by 9 p.m.

In an interview with CBS This Morning, Brown noted that the show likely would have not been brought back to television if they didn’t have a “motivation” to do it.

She cited the election of Trump as one of the reasons the cast came back together to continue their story.

She also noted that this gives the character a chance to make a statement regarding the state of the nation at the moment.

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Murphy Brown stars Bergen, Faith Ford, Nik Dodani, Joe Regalbuto, Grant Shaud, and Jake McDormand.

McDormand will play Avery Brown, Murphy’s now grown son.

Per the network’s official character description, Avery is a “millennial journalist who is following in his mother’s footsteps, perhaps too closely, and has his mother’s competitive spirit and quick wit.” The twist to his character? He is a conservative journalist while his mother is more liberal.

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Series executives confirmed, per an article that appeared in Good Housekeeping, that the competition between Murphy’s show and Avery’s show will mirror the rivalry between MSNBC’s Morning Joe and Fox News’ Fox & Friends.

Though most episodes will end at 10 p.m. on the dot, the premiere is set to extend an extra five minutes, according to Deadline, so set your DVR’s accordingly.

The Murphy Brown reboot debuts tonight, September 27 at 9:30 p.m. ET on CBS.

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