Car crash survivor who was insecure about scars defies fears to model mini dress

Chrissy Styles “hated herself” when she was bullied for being “chubby” at school.

Then after graduating, her body confidence issues rose when she got into a serious car crash.

In a YouTube video that’s been viewed more than 135,000 times, the vlogger explained how the accident changed her life.

As a result of the crash, the Los Angeles-based influencer suffered a broken foot, dislocated knee, broken ribs, spine fracture and lost her front teeth.

But it was the compound fracture on her leg that ended up causing her the most trouble.

Chrissy had to get multiple skin grafts in order to heal the open wounds and the surgery left scarring behind.

Her legs became her “biggest insecurity” and she used to try to hide them in pictures and when filming videos.

But after months of pursuing a journey of body positivity, Chrissy has learned to embrace them.

The 25-year-old follows an “everything happens for a reason” mantra and believes she was “made to stand out”.

In a clip where she talks about learning to be confident, she said: “I felt more beautiful after my accident because I learned to love and accept myself.

“I realise that accident happened for a purpose and I was made for a purpose.”

Chrissy is now a successful influencer who isn’t afraid to put her pins on display.

This week, she modelled a patterned mini dress for PrettyLittleThing – and fans went wild for the look.

One commenter said: “Looking great boo” another responded: “You’re killing it girl.”

And a third added: “Beautiful gorgeous queen.”

Many also leave Chrissy comments on her social media telling them she has inspired them.

The body positive activist has helped many to feel more comfortable in her own skin.

One Instagram user gushed: “Chrissy you are so beautiful! Your confidence is so contagious.

“I love style! Thanks for recognising plus size women.”

And another agreed: “Chrissy, thank you so much! I'm 57 and love to watch you.

“I have struggled with my own self esteem my entire life.

“You are so beautiful and I thank you for this video and pray that you will continue to inspire women.”

You can follow Chrissy on Instagram here or YouTube here.

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