Cardi B Posted A Throwback Wedding Photo To Celebrate Her 1st Wedding Anniversary

Back in June, Cardi B shocked fans by revealing that she and Migos rapper Offset had secretly gotten married in September. Cardi has been private about the ceremony, but she did share a photo from the wedding on Instagram. The never-before-seen picture from Cardi B and Offset’s wedding shows the two artists joined hands in a sweet embrace.

Even though Cardi hasn’t shared many details about the wedding, she decided to post the photo on Thursday in honor of her and Offsett’s first wedding anniversary. In the picture, Cardi appears to be wearing a white jumpsuit, while Offset is wearing a black jacket with a checkered sleeve. She simply captioned the photo, "TBT …September 20th."

TMZ reported the news about Cardi B and Offset’s marriage in June, sharing a photo of the couple’s marriage certificate. The image revealed their wedding day, as well as the fact that they were married in Georgia. When Cardi confirmed the news, she didn’t hold back, expressing her frustration and emphasizing that she wanted to keep her marriage private. In a Notes app message shared on Twitter, Cardi wrote,

Unlike some states, Georgia doesn’t have a waiting period for marriage licenses, so Cardi and Offset really could decide to get married one day and just go through with it. It sounds like the couple’s decision was a no-fuss one — and one that was entirely theirs.

To make matters more confusing for fans, Offset proposed to Cardi in October, even though the couple was actually already married at that point. Honestly, there’s no telling if or when the couple would have revealed their true wedding date if TMZ hadn’t gotten a copy of their marriage certificate. But it sounds like the couple had a nice, private start to married life for at least a few months before fans knew the truth.

Since their wedding, Cardi and Offset have welcomed their daughter, Kulture Kiari Cephus, who was born in July. Cardi revealed in April that she was pregnant, and she kept performing well into her pregnancy. After Kulture’s birth, Cardi announced that she wouldn’t be touring with Bruno Mars, writing in a Notes app post that she needed to do "what’s best for myself and my baby."

It’s understandable that Cardi would want to keep her relationship with Offset private. She’s one of the biggest names in music right now, which would be stressful for anyone trying to live their life. Still, Cardi marked her first anniversary in the sweetest way. She didn’t reveal too much information about the wedding. But in terms of showing how much she and Offset care about each other, the photo says it all.

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