Cheapskate mum rations childrens food with only 14 cereal flakes for breakfast

A cheapskate mum has admitted to rationing her children's food and making them carry piggybanks if they find discarded loose change.

Jordan Page, 27, has revealed her bizarre hacks to slash her family's monthly household expenses from £2,400 to £1,100 on an episode of Extreme Cheapskates.

The mum-of-three, from Utah, US, claims she makes her kids carry piggybanks with them incase they come across change on the street and asks the neighbours for leftover food as she is "pretty much do anything to save a buck.''

She also says to water down juice to 1 part juice and 5 parts water, and only gives her kids 14 flakes of cereal each for breakfast as part of her "rationing" regime.

The parent also claims to give them less the following day if her children didn't finish the portion.

Defending his wife's habits, Jordan's hubby said: ''One a scale of one to ten of being a cheapskate – ten being the highest – I'd probably say 11 or 12.'

''This is breast milk here – and we love it because it's free. While they're young and they don't eat very much, I freeze as much breast milk as possible.

''So when they're done, I still have a few months' worth frozen to stretch it that much farther.''

Her 'hacks', which include walking around the street with a basket to get food from her neighbours, have cut their monthly food spending down to $180 (£143).

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The mum even bakes cookies by putting the dough on a tray in her hot car to save on energy prices and wants to take up backyard farming to save more on food.

She explained: "There's a new trend of backyard farming… we could raise a big and get a tonne of pork out of it. You could pay upwards of $3.50 for dozen of eggs – you pay $10 for a chicken. Six chickens later, you get half a dozen of eggs a day – I mean, that's incredible.''

While her methods are effective at saving money, people were disturbed about how far she would go to save money, arguing that she is putting her children's health at risk with her methods.

One YouTube user wrote: "This is disturbing for the fact that she has money to buy nice clothes, hair and makeup, yet she cuts corners on her kid's nutrition."

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Another added: "This particular woman isn't about money, it's about control [sic]. No one wipes their a** or eats a single cheerio without her permission.''

A third said: "I was surprised she didn't collect her kid's tears and use them like water."

However, some praised the mum for being so frugal, as one user said: "I admire that she doesn't care about what the neighbours think. In my neighbourhood, a lot of our neighbours are so damn stuck up and they're making it so I can't even park in my own driveway anymore."

Another added: "The dashboard thing was pretty creative."

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