Chipotle officially adds quesadillas to the menu for digital-ordering only

OK, Chipotle fans, big news: There’s a new menu item in town, and you’d better believe it looks delicious.

The new quesadillas, a melty Monterey jack cheese-filled flour tortilla stuffed with a choice of meat, sofritas or fajita veggies, are served with three sides — but sorry, guac is still extra.

PHOTO: A quesadilla from Chipotle with tomato salsa, sour cream and guacamole.

The menu item is cut into triangular pieces and served in 100% compostable packaging with three compartmentalized sections for salsas or sides, including fresh tomato salsa, sour cream, or hand-mashed guac.

When the fast-casual Mexican restaurant chain announced the new item there was just one stipulation: It’s only available online.

PHOTO: Quesadillas are available to order digitally from Chipotle.

Chief Marketing Officer Chris Brandt called the quesadilla “one of the most highly anticipated menu items in our brand’s history.”

The restaurant first tested the digital-only item with a pilot program in Cleveland and Indianapolis last summer to capitalize on the brand’s digital scale as it removed operational friction to utilize its Digital Kitchen.

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