Chris Brown Called Meek Mill To Congratulate Him On Prison Release: Will They Work On Collab?

Chris Brown hit up pal Meek Mill to congratulate him from getting released from prison. We’ve got EXCLUSIVE details if a collab is now in the works between the two.

If there’s anyone in hip hop who can relate to spending time behind bars, it’s Chris Brown. The 28-year-old served a 108 day prison sentence in 2014 stemming from a probation violation in his 2009 assault case against then-GF Rihanna , 3o. Breezy was naturally so thrilled for pal Meek Mill, 30, being granted an early release from prison on bail. “Chris called Meek to congratulate him on getting out. They talked for a while, about how Meek was feeling and his plans now that he’s free. Chris totally relates to what Meek is going through. Chris still remembers the day he got out of jail and how grateful he was for every little thing,” a source close to Chris tells EXCLUSIVELY

“He remembers how bad he wanted to get in the studio and make music and that’s the advice he gave Meek, he told him to get in the studio and start creating. They talked about doing something together too. Chris wants to work with Meek so it’ll happen,” our insider adds. Meek got a surprise release on Apr. 24 when the PA Supreme Court ordered him to be freed on bail while he fights his case, in which his arresting cop and only witness at his trial has been accused of serious misconduct.

While do doubt Meek can’t wait to get his music career back on track, he’s become a symbol for a greater cause of legal system injustices, especially towards young black men. His judge Genece Brinkley has been notoriously hard on Meek over the past nine years, sending him to jail for minor probation sentences and restricting his travel stemming from a sketchy drug and weapons arrest in 2008. His latest prison term came after a reckless driving arrest for popping a wheelie on a dirt bike in 2017. While the charges were dropped and even the prosecutors said he shouldn’t get any jail time, Brinkley sentenced him to serve two to four years in a state prison, where he’s been since Nov. of 2017.

He heartbreakingly told NBC’s Lester Holt in his first post-prison interview that, “I don’t feel free. I ain’t feel free since I caught this case at the age of 19. I’m 30 now,” He added, “Being in this position, I’ve got a lot of responsibility. I’ve got a lot of important people depending on me. And [I’m] not talking about them people, the public officials. I’m talking about the men that’s depending on me that’s going through the same thing I’m going through.”

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