Christian models mum discovered adult career by seeing her naked on front cover

A Christian model says her mum found out about her secret porn career by seeing her naked on a magazine front cover.

Addison Sins says she was cast out from religious community after people found out what she was upto.

The OnlyFans model from Texas, US, was 19 when she moved out of her family home and began making adult movies.

She managed to keep her new job a secret from her family for a few months, however that all changed when her mum came across a magazine with her fully naked on the front cover.

“I’d just landed my very first magazine cover and was so excited I accidentally gave my parents’ address so they could send me a copy,” Addison told Jam Press.

“My mum opened the envelope and was greeted with a photo of my very naked body on the cover showing absolutely everything.

“All hell broke loose.”

Addison’s very religious parents were horrified that their daughter was working as an adult actress and struggled to accept her way of life.

She said: "I’d had a very sheltered upbringing in a small town called Celina – with a very religious community.

"We went to church every Sunday and Wednesday, with family dinners every night.

“I wasn’t allowed a cell phone, makeup and couldn’t leave for the city with friends.

"But I would rebel – even ordering a Penthouse porn book when I was nine, and hid it from my parents."

As a teenager, Addison said she would sneak out to drink with friends and says that's when she learned just how much she had been missing out on.

She said: "I felt I had to get out.

"One of the reasons I wanted to do explicit content was because agencies fly you out for shoots and I thought it would be a great way of travelling.

“Even though I’d only slept with one guy before I started doing porn I wasn’t nervous, I couldn’t wait."

Other people in the religious community soon discovered Addison's secret life and she says they began gossiping about her and making negative comments or sending hateful messages on social media.

Not long after, the model claims she was outed to her church – who she says "cast her out".

Addison, who boasts 41,800 Instagram followers (@addisonxsins) said: “I was pulled aside and made aware that they knew my lifestyle, and was told to please not come back.

“I felt completely betrayed.

"Somewhere I thought I’d be included no matter what had been ripped away from me. I felt cancelled.

“Even friends cut me off, I think after being told by their parents that they couldn’t hang out with me anymore.

“Things were quite rocky with my family for a few years after that and we had a very strained relationship.”

When the coronavirus pandemic hit, Addison made the move from adult movies to OnlyFans and used her earnings to move to a secluded farm where she could get privacy.

She said: “Things are OK with my parents now, my mum knows about my online career but my dad doesn’t.

“I love it out here [on the farm], it’s so quiet and being surrounded by nature and the animals is incredible.

“Although I have a housemate, the grounds are so big we never bump into each other and I walk around naked as much as possible.

“Being naked is the best thing.

“I feed the chickens and turkeys, collect their eggs and clean out their hutches all in the nude – except for wellies and gloves, obviously.”

Addison said she hasn’t given up on her faith and is determined to find a parish that isn’t as "closed-minded" as her previous one.

She added: “God and Christianity is about pure, unconditional love and acceptance.

“I think people forget that when they get so caught up with something they don’t understand or like.

“My relationship with god hasn’t changed, I still love him and I know he loves me but the experience with the previous church has left me scared to open myself up again.

“I want to find somewhere that will accept me for me and every life choice I make.”

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