Christmas food shopping panic sets in as sales of turkeys increase by 400%

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With a shortage of turkeys looming this Christmas, it seems people have taken to panic buying their frozen poultry in order to avoid any potential disruption to their Christmas dinners.

Those of us that want to get ahead of the game to avoid disappointment have already started purchasing Christmas dinner essentials, because what's a festive feast without turkey?

Whilst it's too soon to start defrosting your meat anytime soon, with just over two months till Christmas now is the time supermarket chains are seeing a real rise in their frozen turkey ranges – let's hope you have plenty of freezer space!

Marks & Spencer have discussed the rise in turkeys, saying: "With just 80 days to go until Christmas, customers across the country are already keenly filling their freezers for a season of festive spreads.

"Confirming the trend, sales of our frozen Christmas food are up a WHOPPING 500 per cent year-on-year, and we’ve already sold over 25,000 turkeys in just a few weeks!"

It's not just Marks & Spencer who are feeling the heat in the lead up to Christmas, supermarket giant Tesco is also having to ensure stocks last.

Tesco bosses admit their will be "bumps in the road" in the next few months as we approach December amid supply issues, but also praised the "resilience of our supply chain" as they've already hired 15,000 extra temporary staff as part of preparations for Christmas.

Ken Murphy, chief executive of Tesco, has said that whilst there is always a demand for frozen turkeys year on year, with usually about 60% of the turkeys they sell being of the frozen variety, this year that number is likely to be a lot higher.

Ken explains: "We currently have a 10 per cent increase of turkeys and there is noticeably an elevated demand for frozen turkeys.

“We have a resilient supply chain and really good availability levels.”

Richard Harrow, Chief Executive of the British Frozen Food Federation, has also spoken out on the issue, saying some customers have been “permanently converted” to buying frozen amid food supply concerns.

He said: “This combined with current concerns about food supply means many people will be opting for frozen this Christmas."

Conservative chair Oliver Dowden spoke to Sky News about the supply concerns, ensuring shoppers: "We will make sure that people have their turkeys for Christmas".

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