Cobra Studios Channels Classical Roman Architecture in First Furniture Collection

Cobra Studios is a new Brussels-based creative studio founded by architect Kenny Decommer and scenographic designer Hugues Delaunay. The duo glean historical references to develop sculptural furniture pieces in a playful, contemporary twist. The studio recently unveiled its first furniture collection inspired by the classical order of Roman architecture. Titled Solids, the selection features dinner tables, coffee tables and side tables consist of varying geometric shapes and vivid colors.

The tables are an instant attention-grabber as it features heavy legs made of resin and shiny, solid columns supporting its thin tabletops for a whimsical juxtaposition in regards to its overall makeup. These supporting elements pierce through the tabletops with a matte, chalk finish, creating an aestheticized tension that sets it apart from the conventional dinner table.Accompanying the tables are lamps that draw references from post-modernistic forms. Steel tubes are affixed to the lamp alongside a lamp shade made of texturized glass. When the light is turned on, it reflects its surroundings. However, when the light is switched off, the piece stands as a quintessential modern-meets-minimalist work.

“Cobra Studios is always looking for contrasts, and their sculptural pieces are characterised by a daring combination of transparency, translucency and opacity. Contradiction is key: hard shapes need to collide with soft touches. The pieces are minimalistic yet decorative. Every piece needs to withstand time and art movements. Cobra Studios tends towards creating a world of its own, a certain form of light living, naïve but such fun,” expressed the studio in a statement.

Check out the furniture collection above and then head to Cobra Studio’s website for more information.

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