Coronavirus: Celebrities Who've Lost Family Members to COVID-19

Ilhan Omar

The NBC New York anchor opened up about the devastating loss of his father, who died from coronavirus complications.

In an emotional social media post, the anchor and reporter explained that his father “died with a stranger holding his hand,” as he and brother were unable to be with him at the hospital due to restrictions.

His mother, who had tested positive for coronavirus as well, was also absent from the hospital, as she had been “forced to stay inside their home, all alone.” She has, thankfully, since recovered. 

“All we could do was listen on the phone (from our separate quarantines), choking back tears, as the nurse informed us ‘his heart stopped,’ ” he wrote. “That’s when our hearts broke.”

“We were shattered,” he added. “A week of picturing the man we called ‘Aba,’ connected to a ventilator in an Indianapolis ICU, was bad enough, but now we were forced to imagine life without him. I couldn’t. I can’t.”

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