Couples reveal why they ditched monogamy

Monogamy is overrated! Couples reveal their intriguing reasons for having an open marriage – from a pair who couldn’t afford child support if they separated to bisexual wives who missed other women

  • People from across the globe have revealed how their marriages became open 
  • Writing on US-based app Whisper, one user told they had come out as asexual
  • Another explained they ditched monogamy as they couldn’t afford child support

Every relationship is different, and while ditching monogamy is some people’s worst nightmare, these couples each have their own reasons for opening up their marriages. 

Writing on US-based anonymous confession app Whisper, couples have revealed why they chose to open up their marriages to other people, and why sometimes it didn’t work out the way they thought it would. 

Amongst the fascinating admissions was one couple who enjoy making each other jealous and another who wanted to explore after never having any other sexual partners. 

Meanwhile, one couple admitted they opened up their marriage because they couldn’t afford to pay each other child support if they separated, while another person told that they started having sex with other people when their partner came out as asexual. 

Practicality before passion! This no-nosense couple, from an unknown location, decided to open up their marriage because they couldn’t afford to pay each other child support

At least you’re honest! This couple admitted that they enjoyed making each other jealous  

Curious! This user wanted to experiment sexually after losing her virginity to her husband 

Not what you expected! This user was slightly annoyed that their partner was getting more dates than them after agreeing to an open relationship to fulfil her bisexual needs

Mediocre! This user, from an unknown location, agreed to an open marriage at the request of their husband and said that it wasn’t as racy a prospect as you might think 

Tit for tat! This user, from an unknown location, started sleeping with other people when their husband cheated on them 

Spicing things up! This adventurous couple opened up their marriage after they had their first threesome 

At least it worked out! This user admitted that after losing interest in sex with their husband, an open marriage saved their relationship

At least you tried! This user confessed that even an open relationship couldn’t save their failing marriage 

Plot twist! One wife realised she was a lesbian after being pressured by her partner to have a threesome

Not a great start! Cheating on both sides led to an open relationship for one couple, but the husband was the first to be unfaithful 

This husband explained that his partner wanted to explore her sexuality after realising she was bisexual 

Ouch! This user agreed to an open relationship, but agreed she was hurt after her husband asked 

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