Demi Moore Suspects Bruce Willis Cheated on Her With This Famous Actor

Demi Moore and Bruce Willis were married from 1987-2000. Although their marriage was mostly a happy one, Willis broke Moore’s trust after she suspected him of cheating on her with his movie co-stars. And according to Moore’s recently published memoir, there was one actor in particular who she suspected her former husband of cheating on her with. Who was it?

How did Demi Moore and Bruce Willis meet?

Moore and Willis met at the 1987 premiere of the movie Stakeout. According to Moore, he was on a date with another woman that night, yet he couldn’t take his eyes off Moore the whole time. And despite his macho-demeanor, Moore adorably claims that Willis was shaking when he asked for her phone number.

She recalls how much of a gentleman Willis was on the night they met. She writes in her memoir,

“I’d never encountered treatment like this before. Bruce was so gallant — in his own boisterous way, a real gentleman,” she says. “When I said it was time for me to go home, he offered to walk me to my car. He was so eager about it — like a little boy who didn’t want to miss the ice-cream truck. When he asked for my number, I felt a wave of schoolgirl flutters.”

Did Bruce Willis cheat on the ‘Ghost’ star?

According to Moore’s memoir, Inside Out, she suspected her husband of cheating on her throughout their marriage. She thinks that because they rushed into things so quickly, getting married soon after meeting, Willis began to wonder if marriage and family life was what he wanted after all.

“Bruce and I had met, married, had a baby, and just done a lot, very quickly,” she writes. “It was as if he woke up a few years later and thought, ‘Whoa, is this what I want? Or do I really want to be free?’ I think he was struggling to resolve a conflict within himself: he wanted family and grounding, but he also craved excitement and novelty. Basically, he wanted to do whatever the f**k he wanted.”

And part of doing whatever he wanted included jumping into bed with other women. At least, this is what Moore suspects. And in her memoir, she said she thought Willis was cheating on her with January Jones.

Best known for her role as Betty Draper from Mad Men, Jones starred in a movie with Willis called Bandits. (Coincidentally, Moore would go on to marry Ashton Kutcher, who had a romantic relationship with Jones during the beginning stages of his career.)

As Moore writes in her memoir, “Ashton first moved to LA with January Jones, the actress who played Betty Draper on Mad Men. They were engaged, and they were both just starting out at the time. As a 23-year-old, January had a tiny role in the movie Bandits, which Bruce also starred in when he was 46. Ashton was convinced that they had a fling on set.”

Demi Moore asked January Jones if she slept with the ‘Die Hard’ actor

According to Moore’s memoir, she had the chance to ask the Mad Men star if she ever had a romantic relationship with her former husband, Willis.

“Years later, I happened to sit next to January at an event, and I mentioned this,” she writes. “‘Are you serious?’ she said, laughing. ‘I told him a hundred times… I don’t want to f*ck that old man!”

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