Diner at Gordon Ramsay's restaurant says cheese board is'insulting'

Now diner slams Gordon Ramsay’s £20-a-head cheese board at his Michelin-starred Chelsea restaurant as ‘insulting’ and said the canapés were ‘verging on boring’ in a damning Tripadvisor review 

  •  Disgruntled customer said he would not return to restaurant until changes made
  •  Andrew G is regular customer at Restaurant Gordon Ramsay in Chelsea, London
  •  Claimed the cheese board was ‘insulting’ and canapés were ‘verging on boring’

A diner has slammed Gordon Ramsay’s £20 preselected cheese board served at his restaurant in Chelsea as ‘insulting’ and ‘bland.’

Unhappy customer Andrew G posted a scathing review of the Gordon Ramsay Restaurant in London on TripAdvisor after visiting the establishment on Friday night. 

He suggested the three Michelin star restaurant, owned by celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, had ‘lost its way’ and said he would not return until there had been a ‘major shake up’.

He also called the £20-a-head pre-selected cheese board ‘insulting’, saying: ‘If the best Gordon Ramsay can come up with is a slice of blue, compt, goats cheese and Normandy cream cheese – all of which were bland and lacking punch – what is the world coming to?’  

A diner has slammed Gordon Ramsay’s £20 preselected cheese board served at his restaurant in Chelsea as ‘insulting’ and ‘bland’

A disgruntled customer, ‘Andrew G, left a scathing review on Trip Advisor of Gordon Ramsay Restaurant in Chelsea, London, after leaving disappointed when he visited on Friday 

In his review, Andrew said he had visited the fine dining restaurant several times before and had previously told people it was the best meal he had ever eaten. 

But, after his experience last Friday, he said he now feels he cannot recommend it to people after finding there was ‘no stand out dish’ and that the canapés – which he described as ‘verging on boring’ were ‘something I could have made at home’. 

‘I sadly feel this restaurant has lost its way – it needs a good look at what it’s rivals are doing and needs to refresh the menu,’ he said. 

‘Adding a sorrel sauce to the lobster ravioli instead of the perfect shellfish bisque is not exactly cutting-edge.’

The celebrity chef’s three Michelin star restaurant was slammed by the diner for its ‘insulting’ £20-a-head cheese board and the canapés which he said were ‘verging on boring’

Disgruntled Andrew did however admit that once the service he received was perfect – once he had asked for the food to be slowed down as it was coming ‘thick and fast’. 

Three courses at the restaurant are priced at £130 a head, with an addition £8 cost for teas and coffees. 

Customers can also purchase experiences for the restraurant, starting at £150 for a three course meal for two and up to £1,000 for a cooking master class in the three Michelin star kitchen.  

The latest negative review is the fourth time this month that the celebrity TV chef food has been slammed.

After visiting several times before and previously calling it the best meal he had ever eaten, Andrew G now says he will not visit Gordon Ramsay Restaurant until there is a ‘major shake up’

Weeks ago, he was criticised online when he shared a photograph of his Sunday lunch on Instagram. 

While Gordon labelled the ‘sirloin of beef with all the trimmings’ ‘absolutely stunning’, several of his 9.8million followers were left unimpressed by the three baby carrots and roast potatoes offered – with one person asking: ‘Where’s the rest of it?

He also came under fire with both his £19 Full English Breakfast at the Savoy Grill and the ‘tiny’ £23 steak and over-salted chips at his York & Albany eatery in Camden, being criticised.

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