Dish Wants To Pay Someone $1000 To Binge-Watch The Office

Dish is offering fans of The Office $1000 and all they need to do is binge-watch 15 hours of the show in nine days.

When we’re children, our dream jobs tend to be occupations that aren’t necessarily that far out of reach. Common examples include train driver and firefighter. As we grow, we begin to realize that a job in which we are doing something we love is the real dream. Something we would be doing for free anyway if someone wasn’t willing to pay us to do it.

People get paid to do all sorts of things. Trouble is, landing one of these dream jobs is incredibly difficult. Chocolate tasters and mattress testers really exist. However, not many people are afforded the chance to eat sweets and sleep as a job. An opportunity to land something close to one of these has arisen courtesy of Dish.

Okay, so it’s not a job, but it’s a chance to do something most would be doing anyway and get paid $1000 to do it. Watch episodes of The Office. That’s it, that’s all you need to do according to Insider. Fifteen hours of The Office across nine days. Dish estimates that to be somewhere in the vicinity of 45 episodes. Five episodes a day for nine days? Honestly, that would probably be dialing back our Office watching a skosh.

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It does come with a catch, but it’s a minor one. The lucky viewer will have to tally up the number of common tropes they see, as Insider puts it. Dish gives examples such as Stanley rolling his eyes, or Phyllis talking about Bob Vance. We’re assuming other examples could include Jim looking at the camera, Michael getting a well-known cliche slightly wrong, and Angela talking about her cats.

Now for the most important part of all, how to enter. Unfortunately for anyone reading this outside of the US, participants must reside in the United States and be at least 18 years of age. Entries can be made at and will require 300 words on why you are the biggest and best fan of The Office. Entries close at 5 pm MST on March 16, 2020, but why wait? Enter now and soon enough, someone might be paying you $1000 for 15 hours of the easiest work you have ever done.

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