Disney’s Royal Wedding Merchandise At Epcot Is So Gorgeous You’ll Want To Buy It All

Ask a young American girl about her favorite princess and chances are it will be one Meghan Markle, who is a princess of our hearts (even if she will likely be a duchess in real life). Perhaps it is the absence of an American royal family that explains both our obsession with her and with the beloved Disney princesses. In any case, the folks at Disney clearly recognize just how enchanted everyone is by the upcoming royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle — for a limited time, you can snag royal wedding-inspired merchandise at Epcot.

If you want to find a princess in the United States, your best bet is a Disney park — particularly Disney World, the one in Florida. So it makes sense the park would take advantage of the once-in-a-lifetime event of an American woman becoming (kind of) a princess. According to a post on the Disney Parks blog, guests at the theme park can take their pick of an abundance of royal wedding merchandise at the United Kingdom pavilion in Epcot.

Per Jennifer Fickley-Baker, the Editorial Content Manager of Walt Disney World Resort, the items available include, "home décor items, such as teacups and saucers, ornate mugs, and tea towels… a ceramic bell, trinket box, and a 24-Carat Gold Gilded commemorative plate." All pieces of memorabilia are sourced from companies based in the United Kingdom, and depict an image of the royal couple. Items can be purchased The Tea Caddy and the Queen’s Table.

There are currently less than FIVE DAYS until an American woman becomes a member of the British royal family. While the excitement surrounding the occasion is palpable all over the world, there is something particularly special about the vibe at Disney right now. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s story IS like something out of a Disney princess movie, for what it is worth. If you’re looking for a special way to celebrate on Saturday, swing by Epcot’s United Kingdom pavilion. Grab a super cute commemorative mug while you’re at it.

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