Doctor explains weird reason dogs like to sniff people’s crotches

An NHS doctor has explained why dogs sniff people's crotches and, even more remarkably, that our ancestors did the same thing too.

In a TikTok video, surgeon Dr Karan Raj explains that dogs can learn a lot of things about a person, including if they've recently had sex, simply by smelling them.

He says: "Dogs smell our groins for the same reason our ancestors used to.

"Dogs have an organ used to detect pheromones called the Vomeronasal organ.

"We actually have it as well but we’ve evolved to the point where it doesn’t work anymore."

Explaining why dogs hone in on the crotch area, he adds: "We have loads of apocrine glands (or sweat glands) in our armpits and groins.

"The glands release pheromones which carry information about age, gender, mood, if you’ve just had sex, if you’re menstruating.

"So when a dog smells your groin, it’s just trying to get to know you."

Dr Raj, who works at Frimley Park Hospital NHS Foundation Trust as a Surgical Registrar, often shares incredible medical facts on his popular TikTok channel.

Since it was uploaded on Monday (February 15) the video has been watched just under 1 million times, with people in the comments admitting they find it embarrassing when their dogs sniff people in awkward areas.

Posting a comment with the cringe emoji, one person wrote: "My neighbour's dog always does this and they say 'down Bruno get down' and I reply 'no problem' as Bruno is getting a nose full under my dress."

"Always happens to me and I question if I showered that morning," admitted another.

Someone else said: "My dog has a terrible habit of doing this to new visitors."

"Yup this happened to me in front of everybody," confessed another viewer.

This comes after Dr Raj explained the perfect length of a nap and what time is best to get some shut-eye in the middle of the day.

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