Does Prince William Secretly Carry This Item For Kate Middleton Every Time They're Out in Public?

Members of Britain’s royal family are some of the most photographed people in the world. We’ve seen them pictured at different engagements, giving speeches, and attending a number of royal events with the rest of their family but there is one thing almost everyone has that we never see them using. That is, of course, a cell phone.

Because we don’t see them holding a smartphone, some have wondered if they own them. Here’s the answer to if the royals do have cell phones. Plus, what items Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge keeps in her purse (hint a phone is not one of them).

Do the royals have cell phones?

Even though fans don’t normally see the royals using cell phones, they do have them. While there aren’t a ton of photos of Queen Elizabeth II‘s family with a phone in hand, users of the question-and-answer forum Quora managed to dig up a few.

In two different pics, Prince Harry is holding an iPhone. In another Meghan, Duchess of Sussex is clutching one. The queen was also photographed checking her phone before. Her Majesty’s phone of choice is a Samsung, which has a royal warrant. And like his brother, Prince William is a fan of Apple products and has been seen using an iPhone.

It’s also been reported that the younger generation of royals have a Whatsapp group and keep up with each other that way when they’re in different parts of the world.

Royal etiquette expert Myka Meier explained that members of the famous family don’t break their phones out in public often though for good reason.

“Just like most high-ranking professionals would do in a formal business environment, the royals leave their phones in a pocket or handbag,” Meier said.

However, the Duke of Cambridge‘s wife does not keep a cell phone in her purse.

What Kate carries in her purse

If you ever wondered what the duchess carries in her handbag, we have the answer.

Author Marcia Moody revealed in her book Kate: A Biography that the mom-of-three keeps just four items in her purse.

“In her small clutch she carries a compact mirror, blotting paper, a handkerchief, and lip balm,” Moody wrote.

That makes sense considering that some of Kate’s clutches are so small a mobile device wouldn’t fit into them.

Does William carry his wife’s phone for her?

Now that we know royals have cell phones but Kate doesn’t carry one in her purse, it begs the question: Who carries it for her?

Because she has young kids at home you’d think she’d want to have her phone with her to check in on them and since it can’t fit in her clutches, someone else has to carry it.

Her royal protection officers, who are always with her, have other things on their minds given their important job so they probably aren’t holding it.

But how about William? Every woman who’s ever had an issue trying to fit a smartphone into a small purse has had that moment where they just hand it off to their significant other to hold for them. Therefore, some royal fans believe that William keeps Kate’s in his pocket for her when they’re out and about together.

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